Monday, March 23, 2020

Hunkering Down with Bunkr, Stylish Surviving.

By Laura Medina

When a tiny but tedious virus sets off a global pandemic that flipped the world upside, it's time to get prepared.

An event and marketing planner flipped along with it.  Once music and cultural festivals were  cancelled left and right, instead of being acquiescence about it, he flipped along with the switch.  From promotional events to getting down to the nitty-gritty, in style, he created survival equipment kit and supplies subscription service,

Dedicated to educating and ultimately providing survival essentials and gear, the platform is aimed at keeping consumers fully prepared for emergency situations, whether it be a rare, historical epidemic or regular seasonal disasters, hurricanes or tornadoes or just plain camping for free air and nature or camping during outdoor festivals.

The first offering is delivered in the form of a sleek and modern footlocker complete with over 40 curated essentials, after which, monthly subscribers will receive exclusive product offerings, refills and additions to their kit based on seasonal or emerging concerns. The initial offering is $249 which includes the limited Bunkr footlocker and one complimentary box of the upcoming monthly service with subsequent boxes coming in at cost of $29.99 to the subscriber.   
A percentage of the sales of each Bunkr item purchased will be donated to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to supporting Food banks and pantries across the country while continuing to ensure our most vulnerable neighbors have the food they need.
During this unprecedented time in our country, Americans are quickly learning the importance of preparation. Bunkr is designed to provide a proactive solution that anticipates potential needs via a long term commitment to awareness, education, and monthly home delivery of best in class survival essentials. Products will range, including items such as multi-functioning pocket knife tools, solar power banks, sustainable food items, face masks, sterile rubber gloves, canteens and much more. It is designed with an appeal to the savvier consumer who has a continued interest in learning about new products that can help them in times of need, while serving as the de facto lifestyle essentials kit for your home.

Surviving in style.

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