Monday, March 2, 2020

Kollins Ezekh Helps You "Spring" Into Spring.

By Laura Medina

Burn 60 circuit fitness studios are on fire.

Nothing only they are small and adjustable to any building, strip shopping center or medical building or store front, or not, there's a reason there's a "60" in their name.  It's 60 minutes or one hour of intense, interchangeable bursts of cardio and calisthenics with various weights.

But with West Hollywood's Burn 60's  Kollins Ezekh, he's experienced enough and nice enough to know that people need to ease into any new regiment, whether you're out of shape, newly recovered from the everyday cold/flu, or injured, Kollins listens and understands.

He's not above modifications then working your way up.  Either way, you're burning excess fat and calories.  He likes that this scribe does shoulder taps-plank, bend on the knees.

You can just tap without breaking an ankle.

Doing THX cables with bent knees are easier and just as effective.

Each and every Burn 60 studio is evenly split between steps, cables, and weights then treadmills lined up at the wall.

The whole class is split into two groups.

One group is calisthenics.  The other group is cardio, starting on the treadmill.

Every minute, the group switches between calisthenics and the treadmill.

Adjust as pleased.

Burning butt never means breaking butt.  Kollins wants you to keep on going, keep on moving.  Even if it means going at your own speed, with modifications, so be it.

Spring has sprung.

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