Friday, January 10, 2020

Univision's "Rubi," 2020 Reboot Takes on #MeToo, Sexual Assault & Harassment, Patriarchy, Machista, Gender Empowerment, & Rise Up Socio-Economic Ladder.

By Laura Medina

The premiere screening of Univision's reboot of "Rubi," takes unfortunate current issues on socio-economics, the gender wars, rape, sexual assaults, sexual harassment, and turning the table on power, politics, and money by femme fatale, Rubi, played by Mexico's socialite/actress, Camila Sodi.

As in the other contemporary telenovela, "El Dragon," it's about vengeance, justice, and rising above one's station.

"Rubi" is about vengeance and justice while turning the table.

The premiere episode starts twenty years into the future, 2040.  By then, Rubi is a legendary yet reclusive black widow.  Then, it goes back into the past, today 2020.

After fighting then getting harassment, Rubi decides to fight, from the ground up.  After seeking justice then vowing never to be poor and be treated like dirt, again, Rubi becomes the legendary femme fatale.  After double-crossing her wealthy, disabled friend (who's actually seeks true love), Rubi "meets cute," the love of her life.

But, once returning to current 2040, things take a turn for the worse.

If you all want to find out what happens next, tune in to Univision on January 21st at 9pm, to find out.

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