Friday, January 24, 2020

Equinox Does the Grammys with Run DMC's Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels and Kelis.

By Laura Medina

Yes, the Grammy Week, celebrating the Grammy Awards, does rock but Equinox celebrating rap that evolve into beat-friendly, dance-friendly hip hop got the booty going and burning with Kelis and Run DMC's Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels

Back in the day, the glamorous family-friendly Eighties' pop and dance show, "Solid Gold" had the "Solid Gold" dancers.  Last night, Equinox had their dance instructors doing what their real careers are, professional background dancers.  Today's go-go dancers are hip hop dancers trained to get everybody's booty grooving.  Their Interpretive dance opened the show.

Hip hop diva turned nightclub disco diva, Kelis, warmed up the audience for...

Run DMC's Darryl "DMC' McDaniels setting the record straight on the history of rap and hip hop and how it all got started.  Not for money, but out of love and bringing the community. Basically, hip hop was a neighborhood block party that changed the music industry.

Yep, Darryl "DMC' McDaniels knows he ended his concert with a bang, "Walk This Way" with Aerosmith; and Aerosmith's Joey Kramer returned the favor for reviving the band's career in the Eighties. He was in the audience, giving thanks to Darryl.

Through-out the concert, Darryl talked about honoring the ladies and his wife.  He revealed the meaning behind Run DMC's "Mary Mary," their song about a stalker who never received any love back from the spooked out trio. So, she put a hex on them. Darryl joked that they ever discovered him dead, it's because he sang the song about her. Opening up the perils of being a celebrity.

The Equinox Run DMC & Kelis concert was held at the true rocker "home-away-from-home," Sunset Marquis, home to LA's The Morrison Hotel rock photography museum/art gallery.

Last night's blast debut the gallery's homage to hip hop, with Ian Ziering.

Darryl "DMC' McDaniels of Run DMC set the record straight.

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