Thursday, August 2, 2018

Paris Hilton Skincare & Platinum Rush Fragrance, Skincare & Fragrance for Party Girls.

By Laura Medina

According to Paris Hilton, now of today, she's a jet-setting DJ who oversees 19 different fragrances.  With all that traveling and partying and entertaining, you need all those fragrances.  But, all that partying, entertaining, and traveling do takes its toll on your skin and those weary peepers.

Being a socialite heiress gives you access to every expensive skincare under the sun but Paris wants something customized to her jet-setting global lifestyle, 4am anywhere in the world, any time zone when your body ought to be shutting down so your skin can rejuvenate itself.

She figured, with fragrance experience and access to the best chemists and the best ingredients, Paris might as well concoct her own skincare line, Paris Hilton Skincare,,
tailor fit to her glamourous but hectic lifestyle and career.

Paris decided to found a skincare line that utilizes groundbreaking super-ingredients like GenoMatrix to alleviate damage from factors like UV rays, pollutants, and collagen loss for an age-defying complexion.

With expertise help and research, she patented a skincare formula exclusively under her name, ProD.N.A. with GenoMatrix.
It rides the current wave of marine algae, the first being La Mer Crème.
The ProD.N.A. line is built upon GenoMatrix™, a revolutionary formulation of powerful enzymes derived from marine microalgae and a complex or natural active ingredients. This proprietary concentration penetrates deep within the layers of skin to support the body's natural DNA repair mechanism to counteract the effects of aging from the inside out.
Marine microalgae - a single cell organism found in the Mediterranean Sea - has a very strong DNA repair process to be able to withstand harsh environmental factors. Those same DNA repair enzymes support and improve the repair and replication process in our skin to fix damaged DNA before it can be incorrectly reproduced. In the copy machine analogy, the repair enzymes remove the flawed scan and replace it with a healthy clear one, all while increasing the machine’s efficiency.
Anyone who works in skincare, knows it's great packaging and bottling that prevents contamination and shields it from sunlight, making the formula weak.
The unique containers use suction to extract the formulation so that oxygen cannot permeate the packaging. This allows us to minimize the preservatives in our products, eliminate the risk of cross-contamination during use and ensure all of the product is used up without waste.

Besides aesthetics, black packaging also protects the products from exposure to light, which along with the airless containers preserves the integrity of each formula.

Yes, Paris knows she has a legion of fans globally.  She wants them to share the same good complexion she has.

Her high-tech marine-based skincare line is half to one-tenth the price of the first marine-based skincare that runs up to the thousands.  It's a prestige skincare within a reasonable price range.
Paris Hilton Skincare ProD.N.A. proves that you can party hard into the night, without wrecking your skin.
Paris Hilton, also launches her 24th Fragrance, PLATINUM RUSH.
If you're gonna party and DJ well into the night, you need fragrance to stay fresh.
Platinum; the universal symbol of true love, rarity and strength, is the inspiration behind Hilton’s newest fragrance and the third women’s scent in her bestselling “RUSH” collection. The sparkling Floral-Fruity fragrance reflects Hilton’s passion for sharing “the rush” of love through the power of scent.
Created in collaboration with Firmenich Perfumer, Frank Voelkl, the fragrance opens with the sparkling vibrancy of crisp Asian Pear, perfectly ripened Red Apple and juicy fresh Mango. The heart of the fragrance mixes wet green florals with the feminine delicacy of Muguet Flowers and a natural Sunburst Magnolia. As the scent evolves, the base brings a tantalizing mix of sophistication and sensuality with Cashmere Musks, Sheer Patchouli, Liquid Amber and Vanilla Bourbon, creating a lasting memory.
PLATINUM RUSH exudes the strength and purity of the precious metal through its evocative design. The bottle evokes Hilton’s signature feminine silhouette, which glistens with a wash of sparkling silver metallic glitter.
Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz. / 100 mL $65
Eau de Parfum 1.0 oz. / 30 mL $36

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