Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Afternoon Cocktail with Malia Mills & Lillet Aperitif. 99 Hands to Make the Perfect Swimwear for Every Body.

By Laura Medina
There's really is a Malia Mills.

Yes, Malia Mills really does exist.

She and her production design team, along with her production design manager, Libby, were gracious enough to throw late Summer afternoon cocktail to meet and greet her fans, in their heart of their fans' neighborhood, Brentwood Country Mart.


Her staff of real ladies with real-life physiques were happy to live and active model Malia's chic, go-anywhere rompers and jumpers that will stay in your closet and carry-ons for a good long decade.

Why Malia Mills resort and swimwear fits anyone with any physique anytime, anywhere, is that each creation goes through 99 hands of fit models, pattern-makers, the designer herself, and the staff themselves, before the outfits hit the racks.  The process of perfection and wardrobe investment.

Malia is honored that she is the Norma Kamali of swimwear.

Now that the kids are back in school, it's time for moms to kick back with Malia and gang for an All-American Afternoon Cocktail.  The British may have their afternoon tea but we Americans do cocktails.
Casual Chic is what we do best.  Blessed with the bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables and edible flowers to flavor Lillet Aperitif.

Simple never means sloppy.  Chic never means complex.

Best of both worlds, easy-on Malia Mills resortwear with Lillet cocktails and light, gourmet snacks.

Lillet proves that appetizers and meals can be light-weight and nutritious to match Malia Mills resortwear for anywhere.

For your own afternoon cocktail.

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Unknown said...

What a fab write up of our event!!! (I was one of the MM gals working that day, the one with the giant crystal necklace!) Do you have more photos of the evening that you could share??