Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Judy Greer & Chef Dan Churchill, with Food Network's Help, Introduce Hilton Garden Inn's new Sharable, Portion-Controlled “Sophisticated Bites.”

By Laura Medina

Award-winning actor, director and Hilton Garden Inn spokesperson Judy Greer, along with celebrity chef Dan Churchill, host of Genius Kitchen’s “Feast with Friends,” with help from Food Network viewers, revamp Hilton Garden Inn's menu, into “Sophisticated Bites.”

During a very chic portion-controlled dinner buffet launch party, Hilton Garden Inn with Judy and Dan, unveiled the winning entrée, cocktail, and dessert for the new menu.

America has spoken – more than a quarter of a million times. And with all the votes tallied, three new and delicious on-trend items are being added to the tantalizing dining menu this fall at Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton’s (NYSE: HLT) award-winning, global, upscale brand of hotels.
Earlier this summer, consumers were asked to vote on 11 contenders in the “Sophisticated Bites” contest in the categories of small plates, handcrafted cocktails and sweet treats. The winning fan favorites are:
“The voters made three outstanding menu choices that reflect the culinary trends and options that are important to today’s modern traveler,” said Chef Churchill, who helped launch the campaign in June during Summer Squad Live, a Food Network Facebook Live event that has garnered more than 5.6 million views and 5,000 shares to date. “I know guests will find the new menu items to be delightful additions to the brand’s eclectic menu, which continues to resonate with consumers.”

Award-winning actor, director and Hilton Garden Inn spokesperson Judy Greer, along with celebrity chef Dan Churchill, host of Genius Kitchen’s “Feast with Friends,” revealed the food and beverage winners at a menu tasting event at Hilton Garden Inn Burbank Downtown.   

Added Greer: “My taste buds are on high alert every time I enter a Hilton Garden Inn, and these trendy new menu items are a dream for a foodie like me! I travel all the time, and I really appreciate that Hilton Garden Inn gives its guests the simple things it needs to unwind – superb hospitality and deliciously amazing food.”

The first winner up for portion-controlled, sharable entrée is Sticky Finger Ribs – Bib alert! These low and slow baby back ribs, with whiskey-soy barbecue sauce, crispy onion and scallions, are a lip-smacking delight. (Small Plates category)

Hospitality is the name of the game for any hotel.  Hilton Garden Inn kindly provides an how to video in how to make the winning Sticky Finger Ribs.

The award-winning Cherry Blossom cocktail is the first drink this thirsty scribe gulped down.

It's their version of the Cosmopolitan. Instead of vodka, they replaced it with tequila.

Cherry Blossom – An homage to the craft cocktail movement, it’s a tempting blend of Hornitos Reposado Tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice and grenadine. (Handcrafted Cocktails category)

Mason Jar Chocolate Fudge Cake – Taking a “cheat” day? Give your spoon-arm a workout by digging into layers of decadent chocolate cake and rich chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. (Sweet Treats category)

This is the easiest dessert to assemble.  Chop up any ole brownie into bite-sized squares.  Dump them into any size Mason Jar or glass cup, say a water/wine/champagne flute.  Top with whipped cream then drizzle caramel sauce on it. There, your Brownie in a Jar.

The online Sophisticated Bites contest was part of an ongoing evolution of the Hilton Garden Inn menu, an extension of its 2017 global brand refresh focusing on dining updates, new regional hotel prototypes and brand culture enhancements.
Other key food and beverage additions include Welcome Bites, a delicious, bite-sized, cranberry apple oatmeal cookie offered to guests at check-in in the U.S. and Canada; a new, open-display kitchen for signature cooked-to-order breakfast dishes; and a more social setting for restaurant and bar service. The latter includes a comprehensive array of handcrafted cocktails complemented by small plates, dinner entrees and shareable desserts – all of which are freshly prepared.
“The overwhelming response to our Sophisticated Bites program shows that consumers want convenient and flavorful options, especially when traveling,” said John Greenleaf, global head, Hilton Garden Inn. “As a longtime food and beverage trend-setter in the upscale hotel category, we are at the forefront of a culinary renaissance in the hospitality industry, and we can’t wait to bring these three new items to our guests around the country.”
Hilton Garden Inn offers upscale, light and airy hotels featuring modern guest rooms perfect for work and comfort. Guests may unwind in a relaxing social setting, enjoying handcrafted cocktails; varietal wines and craft beers*; small plates; dinner entrees and shareable desserts. The Shop, a 24-hour, grab-and-go retail space, provides a mix of healthy, indulgent and locally-sourced fresh foods.
There's way more to Hilton Garden Inn's new “Sophisticated Bites.”

Here are the following portion-controlled tastes that can be shared among friends and family and offering the trendiest tastes emerging as the new, uniquely American palate...

Burrata and Avocado Toast.

Cheese Flatbread.

Shrimp cocktail and vegetable crudité with hummus dip.

Salmon resting on a bed of quinoa.

Tomato Bisque with crackers

From Californian to purely American, Korean Beef BBQ Tacos.

The new hors d'oeuvre, mini burger sliders with 2 to 3 French fries, portion-controlled.

The new real desserts, the cocktails.  Blackberry Mojito and...

Blackberry Mint Mocktail for driving...

The award-winning Cherry Blossoms...

The new Pina Colada, Colada Shiver...

For a family that wants a taste of California or America or friends just wanting to get together, without wasting tons of too-big of a serving meals, let's chill and settle down over a variety of tastes at Hilton Garden Inn.

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