Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It's a Gwen Stefani Christmas, at The Grove & on NBC on December 12th, Tuesday, at 9pm...With Her CD & LP.

By Laura Medina

This main trend is that it's gonna be a Gwen Stefani Christmas.

For sure, it's a Christmas aimed at Millennials  and Gen-Yers, and Gwen's core Gen-X fan base, Gen-Yer's parents.  It's going to be a whole new Christmas for a whole new slew of generations defining this decade and millennia.

For Millennials and Gen-Yers, Gwen Stefani's NBC Yuletide special is their version of Cher's Seventies Variety show.  With each number, there's a fabulous haute couture costume change.  With each haute couture change, it comes with song and skit from guest appearances with Ne-Yo, Seth MacFarlane, and of course, her beau, Blake Shelton. 

As a lucky audience member, this scribe was one of a few selected hundred to wave blinking, lighted candy canes as backdrop...

That was a great souvenir to her legion of fans...

Speaking of Gwen's legion of die-hard, core fans, a lucky 250 fans who stood in line since Wednesday (a day before Thanksgiving), received a special red ticket so they can return, first thing Black Friday morning, to buy Gwen's Christmas CD for her autograph it and take autograph selfies with her, later that evening.

One, it's The Grove's crowd control.  Second, Gwen's Christmas appearance at The Grove, replaced MAC Cosmetic's chaotic extravaganza that usually hold court every Christmas.

If you can't be an audience member during her NBC Christmas taping or have an autograph selfie with her, you can always get her highly collectible CD and/or vinyl LP album to keep you cheering through-out Christmas.  A new family heirloom.

Personally, this scribe much rather have her black leather Santa jacket in white faux fur trim, festive yet edgy.

Since Black Friday's meet & greet is a teaser to her tv special, remember...

Y'all everywhere and anywhere can celebrate Christmas with Gwen Stefani and friends on December 12th at 9pm on NBC.

Let the new tradition begin for a new generation.

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