Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Amazon Prime is on Fire with "The Flame" and Cruising Along with "The Grand Tour."

By Laura Medina
Amazon Prime's first televised stage play, Miranda.Spigener-Sapon's "The Flame."
The Second Season of their "The Grand Tour."

Multi-platform, shopping and now, TV streaming network, Amazon Prime is covering all its bases, particularly in TV.

With it airing their first stage play, "The Flame" by Miranda Spigener-Sapon, about extinguishing a flame to find a new flame, Amazon Prime is reaching back to TV's roots when the three major networks used to air live stage plays and Broadway musicals back in the Fifties.

"The Flame" is cast with strong and emerging character actors:

Veteran astronaut and character and voice-over actor, Pete Freeland.

Michelle Boback playing the lead character who carries a torch...

A real-life relationship and romance expert, Andy Mizrahi, is now mining that field, starring as one of the flames.

Ross Gosla is the other flame.

Tysha Williams is the wing lady/girlfriend to the lead character's journey in finding true love...

Now that this scribe teased you with "The Flame," you can go find out who's the real flame when Amazon Prime airs it on December 18th.

The Second Season of "The Grand Tour" also on Amazon Prime

While Amazon Prime is taping its first live staged play, "The Flame," cross town, they threw a car show/BBQ/picnic for loyal fans, such as this scribe while attracting new ones.

Even after being dumped and fired by BBC America, the old and former trio from the original "Top Gear" has found an home in America at Amazon Prime and discovered a die-hard American fan base, that made it an hit out of the gate.

Appropriately thrown at the Petersen Automobile Museum in the Mid-Wilshire District, the premiere screening of Second Season's opening episode was shown in a cars' exhibit.

The Grand Tour opens with Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, doing what they usually do, a trio of fishes out of water, driving their cars of their pick, (in this case, dune/beach buggies), given a mission then trying to survive and be resourceful while driving across desert dunes, oceans, and urban jungles in reaching their destination.  

You know, the typical "Top Gear" stuff but more daring and more dangerous.

Amazon Prime's awesome wristband entitles you to the screening, gifting scavenger hunt, and a burger and taco buffet and a photo booth and free parking!  It even entitles you to roam all over the car museum.

Did this scribe mentioned free breakfast bar, as well?

Gear Heads are happy and filled fans, all you can eat burgers and tacos...

Everyone is welcomed to lounge and dine like civilized folks at the Amazon Prime Lounge.

Photo Booth...

If you get your wristband scanned at each and every stop, from screening to photo booth and engraved gifts of key chain and Swiss Army Knife Tools, you receive a final gift of a throw blanket.

Due to the priceless and rare nature of the Petersen Automobile Museum, alas, people aren't allowed a car ride or drive one.

But, Amazon Prime is attracting a whole spectrum of fans, from the romantic to the thrill seekers.  Amazon Prime is covering all their bases.

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