Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bibibop, Fast, Fresh, Clean & Packed with Wholesome, Natural Antioxidants at Good Prices. Beauty Fast Food with Benefits.

By Laura Medina

Squeezed for time and cash but dying for something nutritious, clean, beneficial, and filling?

Left hungrier than when you came in because you spend all your cash on something clean, lean but mean on the wallet and appetite because it doesn't fill you because they still have this belief that starvation means clean?

Yes, you're full but doing a walk or drive of shame because all that stuff that saves you money are loaded with toxic chemicals and non-beneficial fats that makes your body worse.

At Bibibop, Korean-American Grill,, it's the meeting of the best from both worlds: fresh, healthy, beneficial, guilt-free, satisfying, wholesome, filling, and budget-friendly.

At a light-filled West Hollywood location, few doors down from all-natural beauty shop, Detox Market, you can feel really good and refreshed while refueling yourself when you nourish yourself at Bibibop's 8424 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048, after you're done shopping at Detox Market.   Beauty outside.  Beauty inside.

Laid out and efficiently quick and organized like a Chipotle, you can pick and customized your rice bowl any way and any combo you crave and desire.

The staff is very conscientious about the cleanliness and safety and freshness of each and every ingredient.  They feel bad about being wasteful but they feel better about hygiene when they throw away the rotting leftover then start from scratch every morning dicing, chopping, and grilling first thing, every morning.

Following Asian/Korean belief that food is medicine, each and every ingredient is a buddy with benefits but it has to be fresh, not processed...

Like Dr. Oz recommends, "eat the rainbow."  The only other place to have naturally-colored rice is the much more expensive Lukshon.  At Bibibop, the purple Black Rice Bran is plentiful for the scooping and packed with anthorcyanin antioxidants, the same ones you find in blueberries.

For vegans, you all aren't left out. 

For carnivores, you can get your meat and rice comfort food.

Vegans, you all can get a wallop of protein with beans and tofu.

Nobody is left out at Bibibop.

This beauty-ista lay on the protein thick with fresh diced, grilled beef with sides of jack cheese shreds, corn, and cucumber for hydration.  For extra hydration for a nominal side dish price, fresh chunks of pineapple as dessert you makes you proud.

Proving that be healthy, wholesome, and antioxidant-aware doesn't mean starvation, weird, or expensive and on your way to shopping at Detox Market, you can bop into Bibibop for a quick hit drink of...

your favorite ordinary, nothing-weird, classic standby sodas or a big gush of Vitaminwater.  Instead of swallowing horse pills, just sip and guzzle your vitamins.

If you're a tea addict or a lemonade addict (lemon is a real detoxifier), Bibibop has fresh brewed and chilled vats of Black Currant Black Tea sweetened by black currant fructose and old fashion lemonade, thirst quencher and detoxifier.  Shoot, if you're smart, you can mix these two together for a mighty Arnold Palmer.

If you want to feel really good about strutting into Detox Market, a few doors down without the staff's judgmental stares, you can drop by Bibibop and a pluck a bottle or a few of Alo Aloe Vera Juices in Bibibop's refrigerator, dedicated entirely to aloe vera juice.

The Watermelon + Peach Aloe Vera Juice is pretty obvious in hydrating collagen.  The mangosteen + Mango Aloe Vera Juice is hydrating while controlling acne, all at a same price for a corrosive soda.  Win-win for teens and twenties...and those with adult acne and wrinkles.

Despite the Korean culinary heritage and history, the choice of customization and you picking and choosing whatever combination you desire and your well-balanced choice between your favorite soda, tea, and lemonade in an efficient, quick manner is very much American.

For the same price and the same quickness of the Taco Bell across the street, you can get a much healthier, more beneficial meal with an ocean of healthier hydrating beverages for the same price and efficiency, but with better results.

Plus, you'll feel better walking into Detox Market; and they'll respect you better for it.

Remember, your health is your wealth.


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