Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Millennials Pumping Fresh Blood into the Rock Vein, Coast Modern, Flights Over Phoenix, Grabbitz, & Miranda Lee Richards.

By Laura Medina

First catching Coast Modern at The Troubadour then performing at KCRW's Twilight Concerts Series at the Santa Monica Pier, is a power pop following in Weezer's footsteps, one of their influences.

Among this fresh crop of Millennial rockers, Flights Over Phoenix is the most Top 40 with their more commercialized-friendly music...

This is them debuting their  “Middle Of The World” video release party then a mini concert at the swankiest rock club, The Peppermint Club.

Despite being influenced by UFOs, their music is more down to earth for FM.

Nicholas "Nick" Chiari, commonly known by his stage name Grabbitz, is the fresh blood pumping into rock's vein.

At his private release party "Things Change," they celebrated with a cake for his new release, stepping out from Deadmau5, as his rock vocalist in his EDM.

Grabbitz's solo endeavor is more rock-oriented.

Things Change is an alchemic and visceral reaction to the loss of the most important person in his life (his mother to cancer), a trip into the belly of the beast on his personal hero's journey. On “Play This Game” you can hear his frustration in the grindy guitar riff and fat bassline that opens the track and his desperation to cling to love of any sort on the hybrid pulsating drumstep ballad “Don’t Let Me Go.” He finally loosens his grip on reality and surrenders to the certainty of a pop progression on “i think that i might be going crazy” – and those are just the first few songs of his twelve track album.

Out of this new crop of rockers, Miranda Lee Richard harkens back to the Sixties Conscious-Raising Protest Folk music.

Don't let her soft-spoken demeanor fool you, underneath the ethereal folk-rock/country, lies a political sharp muse who can't be fooled.

Out of all these youngings, Miranda is the most industry experienced veteran in the crop.

Her latest release, "Existential Beast," is a Millennial Woman response to today's political climate, rising up, in a sly, submissive, Psychadelic-Country way.

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