Friday, July 21, 2017

Budweiser's Budland, It's Take on Coachella or Canchella for the Young Millennials or Emerging Gen-Z Taking Their First Brew Sip.

By Laura Medina

As Gen-Xers then elder Millennials moved onto more "sophisticated" beers, wine, and spirits, Budweiser is appealing to the next young drinkers coming up...Gen-Z, Gen-X's kids, whose older kids are enter college.  Ideal starter drink.

Raised by Gen-X parents and influenced by established Millennials, Gen-Z is more thoughtful about authenticity, local sourcing, and "being real," Budweiser is pulling back the curtain and revealing their twelve breweries through-out the United States.  Then, Budweiser celebrate each local brewery by spotlighting what is great about each locale.

Budweiser is going on tour this Summer only!

They're going to throw parties and festivals at each where their factories are located, spotlight what makes each town and city unique.

11 states will see their namesake on Budweiser bottles and cans as part of the brand’s latest evolution of its iconic summer packaging. Available today through the end of September, Budweiser’s newest look celebrates the local states Budweiser and its breweries call home.
Since 1876, Budweiser has been proudly brewed across America and its new state packaging pays tribute to the 12 breweries that relentlessly produce America’s No. 1 full-flavored classic lager. The packaging will be specific to California (featuring two Budweiser breweries), Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.

“Our new state bottles and cans celebrate the homes of our breweries and the communities that support them,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president, Budweiser. “Since 1876, Budweiser has been proudly brewed across America, and this summer, we’re inviting local consumers to raise a cold one with us.”

On shelves from July to September 2017, 11 different states will enjoy their own custom packaging, each featuring custom copy changes as inspired by each local backdrop, including:
  • “Budweiser” on cans and bottles being replaced with each state name
  • The center medallion “AB” monogram updated with  state initials
  • “King of Beers” swapped to include  each individual state motto
  • “Anheuser-Busch Inc.” replaced with each state nickname
To continue the celebration of its local breweries throughout the summer, Budweiser will also:
  • Host brewery open houses – inviting homegrown communities to experience the brand firsthand alongside local food, music and custom swag. The famed Budweiser Clydesdales will also be making appearances at each brewery open house throughout the summer.
  • Air unique radio spots in each market, written by local Budweiser brew masters and/or the brewery’s general managers
  • Present its first-ever “Budland” festival bringing together the best of LA’s local music artists, fashion and food
To RSVP to a Budweiser brewery open house event near you, please visit For more information on Budweiser’s brewery market packaging, visit Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Los Angeles got lucky because they're lucky to have two Budweiser factories within greater Los Angeles.

This means Los Angeles got their own Budweiser festival, Budland.  It's like a "Made In America" do over or Budweiser's version of Coachella...but aimed at emerging Gen-Z with Gen-Z budget.

City of Angels is rich in creativity. Angeleno artists built an Andy Warhol-sque Budweiser Box installation, stamped with the Budweiser logo, that is a huge view master box of hanging Budweiser bottles with the California label.

Located in the Downtown LA's farthest reaches, Werkartz is a former factory turned art studio turned ultra affordable event venue.

Budweiser isn't just supporting local artists.  They also support local fashion and streetwear designers who need the hands up.  They return the favor in designing hip Budweiser clothes as limited edition souvenirs, so Gen-Z can wear Budweiser...

Liana did Budweiser with a Juicy Couture twist, stamping and embroidering the Budweiser name on velour hoodies and tee-shirts for the luxurious Gen-Z girl.  

Mind you, these pop-up Budweiser designer clothes only existed during Budland Festival for one weekend.  Pop! They're gone!

Collector items if you were smart enough to buy one.  Nice fabric. Nice tailoring.

Burger Lords truck became the Budweiser Burger Truck, selling cheeseburgers and fries with Budweiser fanny packs.

But, let's jump to what really matters.  The very young, very talented Gen-Z and Millennials Hip-Hop artists who either really love Budweiser or really need Budweiser.  Budland showcases local L.A. talent in all its forms...

A$AP Rocky likes Budweiser then lends support to young Hip-Hop artists...

Gen-Z rocks, too.

If Coachella is for the Gen-X establishment with their gourmet fetes and pampering lounges, Budland is for the up-coming Gen-Z with Gen-Z wallets.

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