Monday, July 24, 2017

Bryan Rabin Attracts All the Cool People, the Pied Piper of City of Angeles' Culturati.

By Laura Medina

If the seminal Nineties indie film, Parker Posey's "Party Girl," had gotten her marbles together, she could had become Bryan Rabin, party extraordinaire.  Image the amount of money and fame she could had generated if she translated her fun and friendly spirit into event promotions and publicity, instead of wasting away as an ill-fitted librarian, wishing for her old life back, as she watches the likes of Bryan Rabin setting the bar while setting the world on fire.

He went from being an Olympic figure skater to a club kid who sense the right timing to turned a party into promotional events that are de rigueur for publicity firms and publicists worth their salt nowadays.  Bryan amped the ante.

With an event and nightlife career spanning 25 years, Bryan Rabin client list includes the likes of Madonna, Christian Dior, Vanity Fair, Armani, W Magazine, WWD, Rick Owens, Paul Smith, Hermes, and MOCA. Adam Bravin, aka DJ Adam 12, was hand-picked as Obama’s DJ while in office and is part of musical group She Wants Revenge; his exemplary music stylings have made his nightly events as ‘must attend’ occasions for LA party-goers.  

As the originators of LA’s most infamous events from epic disco dance party Giorgio’s to AFEX which featured the best in hip hop legend, Bryan and Adam are sure not to disappoint with Sugar Sugar. Playing the best hits for all generations and bringing a high-energy crowd that is organically down for a good time, there will be something for everyone on the rooftop of Dream Hollywood every Wednesday night.  

His party-generating skills are utilized to revive stagnating hipster hotels and nightclubs that need a fresh injection of fresh blood...or giving new hotels new life as the new nightlife destinations, such as the Dream Hotel's new rooftop club, The Highlight Room...

Fashion stylist, Arienne Phillips.

MAC Senior Makeup Artist, Gregory Alt.

Groupie Pioneer and Novelist, Pamela Des Barres

Fashion Designer Julia Clancy

Siobhán Fahey of  Bananarama

If your idea of clubbing is grooving with a bunch of Manhattanite intellectuals chilling to deep beats then, all of a sudden, they're dump in an Hollywood nightclub, you got Bryan Rabin's Sugar Sugar parties for the Dream Hotel's The Highlight Room.

It's a Manhattan formula of cultural innovators, "movers & shakers,"  than movie factory star, not that there's anything wrong with it.  Cuba Gooding Jr. were among the guests celebrating the opening of Sugar Sugar.

There also a Manhattan ingredient of it-girls, celebutantes and debutantes.

The folks considered "celebrities" were fashionistas, such as fashion designer, the turbaned Julia Clancy, MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist, Gregory Alt, fashion stylist Arienne Phillips, and writers and cultural figures, Pamela Des Barres.

But don't worry, Sugar Sugar opening party was chunk full of Hollywood star, incognito, who just want to let their hair down and let the other celebrities take over the spotlight:
Lisa Edelstein (Actress), Sara Gilbert (Actress), Linda Perry (Grammy Nominated Musician), Sasha Grey (Actress), Wolk Morais (Fashion Designer), Sky Nellor (Actress), Trish Summerville (Emmy-Nominated Costume Designer, Westworld), Perry Meek (Emmy nominated Costume Designer, Lady Gaga),  Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama), Arianne Phillips (Oscar Nominated Costume Designer), Greg Gorman (Photographer), Pamela Des Barres (World-Famous Groupie), Michael Schmidt (Emmy-Winning Costume Designer), Andrew Macpherson (Photographer), Ian Nelson (Actor, Freakshow), Rose Apodaca (A+R), and Nancy Steiner (Twin Peaks Costume Designer).

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