Monday, October 24, 2016

Moby's Circle V Food & Music Festival, Coachella for Vegans, Thanks to Goldenvoice.

By Laura Medina

Moby really does rock.  He loves playing disco guitar (made popular by Chic's Nile Rodgers); and he plays the bangos for beats.  Percussion beats that are as real and organic as the vegan food trucks as his ethos, his Circle V Food & Music Festival.

As the star headliner and Moby is very conscientious about him being a preeminent electronic dance pioneer, he used his Hollywood, reached out to fellow vegan celebrities then used his influence as a platform for a vegan lifestyle and animal rights platform.

Using his influence and connections and being in the middle of the storm called "music festivals" being fueled by some really cool, gourmet food, Moby called up the founders, organizers, and owners of Coachella, Goldenvoice, to set-up and organize his vegan festival.

They named it Circle V.  Circle for grouping together the vegan lifestyle. V is for vegan.

Moby is an humble man.  He started out with low expectations.  He is one of those "Charlie Brown" types, if you start a party and nobody shows up.

He was happy to be proven wrong.  Moby walked down to his own festival, expecting no one.  But lo and behold, he encountered folks lined up for a block, wrapping around the corner.  People really did showed up for him!

There's a reason he took the Fonda Theater and the parking lot.  Moby lives nearby as a proud Los Feliz resident.

Fellow celebrity vegans showed up as moral support.

Kat Von D. swears eating a vegan diet cleared her skin but she and Moby knows that being vegan isn't for everyone and plunging deep into it ain't easy.

Kat Von D. is just happy that people can participate in the vegan lifestyle, just by dabbling in vegan makeup like her.

Yes, her rockin' goth chick, edgy makeup is vegan and only her and her assistants are the only guinea pigs.  Her vegan makeup busts the stereotype of what it means to be vegan.  Kat Von D makeup is not only rockin' edgy as it is vegan, it is durable and tough for fellow vegan rock musicians to sweat it out and it never budges.  There is quality in vegan makeup.

Kat Von D. also proves you can still be sweet and nice and edgy.  Kat Von D. is equally influential in providing her pop-up salon/boutique where people can get a lip and eyeshadow makeover.  People can also shop her vegan makeup at a festival-day only discount.

At the end of the sale line, folks are treated to Kat Von D café lattes with a sprinkled "V" and foam and specially-printed cookies as treats to participate in the vegan lifestyle, dispelling the myth that to be vegan means granola and wonky-tasting meals and weak, limited makeup.

These vegan rockers kicked that cliché crap to the curb.

Another vegan rock to rescue, on behalf of Moby, Donut Friend.

From producing Blink 182 and Jimmy Eats World, this music producer turned donut hipster, Donut Friend, from Eagle Rock, was an hit.

They run out of: strawberry, mixed-berries, and Boston Crème doughnuts.

This scribe grabbed what they had left, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze Doughnut at $4 a pop.

They proved that vegan food is not weird and doesn't taste icky.

Moby's restaurant was also there, Little Pine.

Let's cut to the chase, everybody was there for Moby!

Moby knows this.  Him headlining his own music and lifestyle festival was him performing his greatest hits.

But, he did debut a new song, joking that this is the time when people go to the bathroom and text but his new song is good, as always.

Moby jokingly provided backstories to each of his songs.

For "We Are All Stars," he said it's about quantum physics and dim-witted celebrities.

He joked about being an electronic dance music legend, joking he's as old as Luke Perry and that both of them qualify of AARP.  He learned that while watching his stories, another joke on being a Los Angeleno. You watch your stories, not read them.

Earlier that afternoon, Moby took a break from his own festival and chilled at a pet shop on wheels.

For such a simple, humble man, Moby made a big impact in one day and night, yet he hopes he makes changes in a small steps.

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