Thursday, October 13, 2016

Get Curious about Jodi Baker's "Trust," to satisfy the curiosity, get a free copy of "Trust" from Here!

By Laura Medina

A lot has changed for "Trust" author Jodi Baker.

Like her central protagonist, Anna, in "Trust," Jodi was propelled out of her cozy writer's nook then onto book tours and meet&greets.  She was overwhelmed by fans.  The tweens and teens of her Young Adult book were to be expected.  But having thirty-something fan base popping up, that really took her back.

It was curiosity that got Jodi thinking about "Trust" in the first place. 

In the first of the series, "Trust," it was curiosity that set the central protagonist, Anna, on her journey.

If all this talk about "Trust" got you curious, you can have a free copy by simply responding back in the Comments section, here on this blog, with your email address.

With the email address, this scribe will reply back, asking for a physical mailing address then this scribe send off your own, free copy of "Trust."

Get curious about "Trust."

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