Monday, September 26, 2016

With Nelly's help and Shantel Jackson's help, Face Forward Help Domestic Abuse Victims Move Forward.

By Laura Medina

In a town known for it's superficiality and shallowness and plastic surgery, the charity Face Forward comes to the rescue for victims of domestic abuse violence.

It's harsh and it's ugly that men can do that to their girlfriends, wives, and mothers to their children.  Unfortunately, men do.

These black-tie gala, underneath all that glossy glamour, is a fundraiser to keep this volunteer team of reconstructive surgeons saving victims' lives, self-esteem, and confidence to enter the regular world, to escape disfiguring enslavement.

With these reconstructive doctors' help and dedication, just making these domestic abuse victims "appear normal" is these victims' first step to freedom and dignity as fully-functional human beings.

What does Nelly and Shantel Jackson have to do with this?

If you follow Ms. Shantel Jackson's career and Nelly's or just a plain ole fan, you all know the sordid story of Shantel's domestic abuse and imprisonment by a vicious, abusive, misogynistic celebrity who showered her with gifts but "owned" her by withholding her driver's license and beating her up in return.  He "put her in her place" by posting intimate photos of their relationship online.

Sorry ladies but those abusers aren't gentlemen.

By escaping her abuser, Shantel Jackson met her current boyfriend, Nelly.

After accepting her award from Face Forward, Nelly showed his support by throwing a mini-concert that got everybody grooving...

Before Nelly's midnight performance and during the live auction, people just have to have dinner, a three-course Haute Cuban cuisine, courtesy of Chef Neal Fraser.

He did the cooking because the charity gala was held at his restaurant, Redbird at Vibiana.

Harvesting late season produce, Watermelon Salad dusted by Feta cheese crumbs.

Light and filling Cod spiced with Tomato Salsa on a bed of plantain.

Turones and Chocolate....

All those kind-hearted fashionistas and socialites were glad that Nelly got them moving to burn off the calories.

But for the rest of the year, it's still a good idea to donate to Face Forward to help domestic abuse victims get back on their feet, off the floor...after being beaten up.

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