Monday, September 19, 2016

Macy's brought New York Fashion Week to Beverly Center in West Hollywood, with Help from E!

By Laura Medina

If those who can't make it to New York Fashion Week or don't have the time and energy to make it, Macy's was kind enough to bring it to West Hollywood's Beverly Center.

Of course, they're designers and brands that Macy's carries but since New York designers are getting hip to instant wants and needs.  Whatever you see on the runway is and are what you can buy immediately to satisfy instragrammers' needs and wants for the next posting.

E!'s reality celebrities,  E.J. Johnson star of EJ NYC on E! & Morgan Stewart from E!s hit reality TV show #Richkids of Beverly Hills hosted the runway show.  They were in charge of informing the audience of the prevailing trends for this current Fall and what fabric and tailoring are dominating the runways.

Due to ego and youth, Morgan Stewart is rather spotty on fashion history and the psychology of fashion, due to his lack of knowledge of AMC's "Mad Men" and the actor Jon Hamm. Being of a different generation and an existing generational gap doesn't excuse one from not doing one's homework.  Because, he noticed that there's a Mod tailoring but 2010's pleather inserts and all in black, better to go-go dance in them.

The E! hosts were better contemporary young girls entering the work force of today.  They were approving of the crop tweed blazers while pairing it against clashing zig-zagging knits.  Making it for today young job seeker to max their limited adult wardrobe.

Thank god that white shaggy faux fur is still contemporary and still available at Macy's for a refresh and a do-over.  That will instantaneously switch your Summer time shift dress into Fall.

Morgan wasn't aware at that time but he described the preppy pairing of lobster red trousers with a brocade sky blue blazer.  It's swingers' time at the country club.

Generally, it was an happy mood for all.  The average customers, who are loyal Macy's customers, received the respect by sitting politely as the audience.  Towards the end, Macy's treated them to freshly baked pop tarts and bags of Swedish candy.

Macy's is for everyone.

Impressed by the organization and the respect they treat their audience, this scribe wishes that Macy's uses its might and logistics for Los Angeles Fashion Week's juxtaposition of ball gowns and tuxs for awards shows, such as the recent Emmy Awards and Los Angeles' strong-hold on trendy contemporary-wear that everybody wears and yearns for, all over the globe.

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