Friday, September 2, 2016

Fruity Hair & Body Washes for Food Festivals & Fall County Fairs.

By Laura Medina

Whether you're gearing for the last hurrah that is the Los Angeles' TASTE food and booze festival this Labor Day weekend or getting the family ready for the Fall-celebrating, month-long Los Angeles County Fair, all the way up in the Inland Empire, your brain is on food.

Whether you're whetting your food and booze pairing on adult-only date night at the TASTE or packing it all in for the family at the LA County Fair, it'll get messy.  Either, you're gonna get slushed on a sweltering Labor Day weekend or trekking on the fair grounds, you're gonna feel icky from the elements and spilled on food and drinks.

For the whole family, you can "borrow" your kids' stuff that's wholesome in ingredients while being "healthy" on the wallet, so you can afford to treat the whole family...Fresh Monster Body Wash and Shampoo & Conditioner are plant-based, using botanicals as fragrances.

What's really cool, each and everything is double-duty and practical and budget-friendly.  These are quick washes immediately after you're done gorging on fried fair food fare.|home|aspot|3

If you desire a more mature fare, matching your body wash after an hot night at the LA Times' The TASTE, the new Neutrogena Rainbath line-up is like a cocktail blend of body washes.

The sky blue Ocean Mist Rainbath has a light orange scent that comes along with a  refreshing, tropical ocean mist fragrance enlivens the senses, while the rich creamy lather rinses clean to wash the day away and replenish the look of your skin.

The original Neutrogena Rainbath has an amber tone and a fragrance combo of spices, fruits and herbs that awakens your senses.

Pear & Green Tea Rainbath® Renewing Shower and Bath Gel is like the original Green Apple Martini, sweet but with a tart bite and refreshingly light in texture with a natural green tint, not heavily syrup that glows neon green in the dark.  Neutrogena® Rainbath® Renewing Pear & Green Tea Shower and Bath Gel softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue.

Rainbath® Rejuvenating Shower and Bath Gel in Pomegranate is like a Cosmpolitian of a body wash, fruity but an adult way, without being a liquid candy.  Not that, there's anything wrong with that.

Yes, you can still have food...and booze on the brain and still be clean about it.

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