Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tarte Must Had Coachella in Mind for their Rainforest of the Sea & Double Duty Beauty Collections.

By Laura Medina

Tarte must be hearing the buzz from their die-hard Tartettes wishing and wanting during Coachella.

Well, Tarte did listen and has come out with, not just one, but two awesome collections that meet the needs of a healthy, green, jet-setting Tartette.

Only at Ulta and from Ulta, Tarte's Double Duty Beauty Lip Sculptor Double Ended Lipstick and Gloss in Intoxicating and Double Duty Beauty The Eye Architect Double Ended Liner and Shadow in desert-friendly Bronze Liner and Gold Eyeshadow are included in PopSugar's haute and hot Coachella Gifting Beauty Bag.

Whatever wasn't in Ulta's Coachella Swag Bag, this Coachella Carpooling Chick tossed, in a last-minute, the much-necessary Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation SPF 15.  Tough as it is light as it is healthy, this sweat and heat-proof and marine/algae (the same stuff that Creme Le Mer is made of ), sunscreened foundation is what every Coachella chick has dream of.

Hydration-boosting coverage with tarte’s 12-hour water foundation. The concentrated, full-coverage fluid formula features 20 percent water to quench dry skin as it covers and masks any redness, dark spots, and uneven skintone while softening the look of pores and fine lines. The custom dropper applicator delivers the perfect level of moisture-rich coverage in an array of shades to match any skintone. Powered by tarte’s antioxidant-packed Rainforest of the Sea™ complex and non-chemical SPF 15 sunscreen, the hypoallergenic formula helps restore, brighten, and defend skin from free radical damage and early signs of aging for a smooth, soft, radiant complexion. 

Rainforest of the Sea™ complex (a proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts): Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening the skin’s appearance. Vitamin E: Acts as a natural preservative, emollient, and antioxidant.

Matte not drying, moisturizing not sticky, Rainforest of the Sea™ Drench Lip Splash Lipstick in Beach Bum can double as lightweight, matte lipstick, cream matte blush, and cream, nude, matte eyeshadow with:

Rainforest of the Sea™ Complex: A proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening skin. 

Sodium Hyaluronate Filling Spheres: Deliver and retain moisture for optimal hydration and smoother-looking lips.

Jojoba Seed Oil: Natural soothing extract that leaves lips soft, supple, and smooth.Pomegranate Oil: Helps brighten lackluster skin and fight free radical damage.

Cupuacu Butter: Rich in essential fatty acids and sterols that help firm while drenching lips in moisture.

Murumuru Butter: Rich in essential fatty acids and ProVitamin A to help restore elasticity and soothe lips.

Oh to lighten the load, spritz on four-in-one Rainforest of the Sea™ Marine Boosting Mist
primer, makeup setting spray, hydrating mist, and skin refresher as spray-on serum before you crash or before you hit post-Coachella concert Neon Carnival or Nylon or CK Midnight After parties then right before you hit the sack.

Rainforest of the Sea™ Complex: A proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening skin. 
Orange Peel Oil: Helps promote collagen production and reduce puffiness for youthful-looking skin.
Sea Water: Provides intense hydration and minerals to quench and nourish skin.
Lentil Seed Extract: Helps minimize the appearance of pores.
Caffeine: Helps improve microcirculation while reducing the appearance of redness and puffiness.
Coconut Oil: An antioxidant-rich oil that helps smooth and nourish skin.
Lavender Oil: Soothes and tones skin.

If you must, must have a old-fashion traditional powdered blush and eyeshadows, please do it in a glamorous, modern compact, such Double Duty Beauty Day/Night Eye & Cheek Palette in desert-rose, coppery Classic Courage.

Since you want to bring a tradition powder compact, you have to bring these Rainforest of the Sea double-ended brushes, again to lessen the load to make room for necessary sway like juices, water, and protein bars so you can party all day and all night...while you look good, thanks to Tarte.

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