Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tanning for Spring & Summer, Vita Liberata.

By Laura Medina

Burning epidermis while sizzling in sticky sunscreen during Coachella, got this scribe thinking, "There gotta be a better way to tan to look and feel fabulous.

There is...and there are.

Vita Liberata expanded their line-up into products that you can immediately use.

Their SPF Collection offers natural skincare extracts combined with high quality broad spectrum SPF for natural sun protection and a skin treatment in one. With fast-absorbing formulas that don’t leave any residue but offer intense protection from sun exposure.

Vita Liberata's Neroli & Argan Milk SPF 50 is a soothing non-greasy broad spectrum SPF milk protecting against UVA and UVB rays.  It has antioxidants that fight free radical damage and photoageing in lightweight silky smooth formula.

Their broad spectrum sunscreen is the latest addition to sunscreens with benefits, skin-boosting benefits:

Neroli Oil for anti age skin regeneration, repair and balancing .

Argan Oil to repair skin with anti-oxidants that neutralize free radical damage and fight photoageing.

Reforcyl nourishes skin and improves firmness and elasticity.

Proteolea gives younger looking skin in just four weeks

Olive Leaf Extract delays cellular skin ageing and promotes cell detoxification, and has anti viral and anti microbial properties.

Jujube Extract strengthens and revitalizes skin, supports the ant oxidative system and encourages healing.

Plant Fructanes moisturises and soothes skin. Creates protective film to skin and helps balance. 

Miracle grass improves skin surface and epidermal lipid synthesis. 


During Vita Liberata's Sports Illustrated tanning seminar, this scribe was quite impressed by their brand new 3-in-1 Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50.  It's complete.  It's a self-tanning dry oil that also protects the epidermis while it promotes tanning, the best of two worlds.

Simply put, it's a tanning oil with skincare that doesn't feel greasy.  More bronzing water with skincare ingredients.

The world's only self tan with with SPF 50 broad spectrum protection.This luxurious self tanning dry oil applies with a subtle tint for an instant color boost and no missed spots. Gives a gradual tan for up to 10 days with buildable colour so you can choose your perfect tan shade. Unique macro molecule chemical SPF won’t penetrate the skin layers while anti age extracts repair and nourish skin.

3-in-1 Triple Action Formula - Marula Oil treats skin, eco-certified DHA tans skin and broad spectrum SPF 50 protects skin.

East African Marula Oil - 4x more hydrating than Argan Oil with 4x more Vitamin C than Oranges Tahitian Monoi Oil - For healing, skin repair and additional moisture locking
pHenO2® Technology - For the longest lasting tan result.

Cucumber - Contains fisetin flavonol for anti inflammatory benefits and calm skin.

Neroli – Worth its weight in gold - literally! For toning, cleaning, and tightening Lemongrass - Minimizes pores and provides a temporary skin-firming treatment Coconut - Keeps skin smooth to the touch and eliminates moisture loss.

Broad spectrum SPF 50 - For the ultimate perfect and protect combination.

Moisture Locking System - For 72 hour skin hydration.

What's even better, not only it's 3-in-1 saving you space in a your suitcase, you can dab it on as a bronze eyeshadow and lips and smear, blend, and contour as blushing bronzer on your cheeks.

This is a real stand-out. 

Today's tanning products go beyond mere appearances.  They actually improve the skin while making you look hot.

Vita Liberata's Trystal Minerals Self-Tanning Bronzing Minerals goes beyond powdered bronzers.  They're powdered self-tanners, great for oily complexions and sticky skin coasted in sunscreen residue.

Trystal3™ Technology combines instant pure mineral bronzing with lasting gradual tan results Unique formula interacts with your moisturizer or liquid foundation base to tan the skin.  Application after moisturiser will give the best result.  Oil-free formula.

Crystal technology allows DHA to be activated from a dry crystalline form when it comes in contact with skin.  Micronized crystals reflect light to create a smooth skin finish.  Ecocert Dihydroxyacetone tans the skin for a lasting radiant glow.

Wondering where you can get all these?  Sephora has them.  


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