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Rockin' Makeup & Hair at the Grammy & How to Do It Easy...& Healthy During Grammy Week.

By Laura Medina

Kacey Musgraves at the  Grammy Awards

It's pretty obvious that this recent Grammy Awards Week is unofficially "Party Week" in Hollywood.

There are two ways to approach "Grammy" Makeup, the more polish "red carpet" look at the awards show itself and the more "private" pre-Grammy party look, heating up towards the show itself.

First up, Kacey Musgraves' look at the Grammy Awards...

Celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle offers list of items and steps in how to achieve Kacey's Grammy look.  In prepping red carpet makeup, the makeup has to match the color palette and texture of the outfit,  “I wanted to complement Kacey's gorgeous blush-colored dress with an equally soft, romantic look." 




  •  To complement the softness of her look, he applied power pigment in tipsy over her lips.
For a nominated musician/singer like Kacey, this was her "Cinderella" moment and remember, the makeup  has to coordinate with her gown.

Whereas with the numerous "Pre-Grammy" parties, it's a different story.  Since these are "underground" celebrations among various bands' and singers' camps, the ground rules for clothes and makeup are looser to interpretaton, depending on the party theme and your attitude.

Since the party schedule comes down hard and fast...and fun, there are times you'll be sleeping in your makeup out of convenience and out of respect for that makeup artist who does a better job than you do.  However, if you still insist on doing your own "rocking" makeup and sleeping in your makeup because you're too tired to remove it, here's some tips.

After prepping your skin the day or night before ( read "When Busting Thru that Wall, How to Sleep in Your Makeup with Tips from Ole Henriksen," http://luxurist.blogspot.com/2014/01/when-busting-thru-that-wall-how-to.html),...well, if you're gonna sleep in your makeup, make it a good one.
Based on a previous sleep-in-your-makeup experience (remember, only do this one night, not continuous), thank god, a lot of all-natural makeup are now becoming durable as they are healthy.  Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, sometimes in easy to apply and portable sticks, these healthy and hearty cosmetics make it less guilty in sleeping in your makeup yet they're sexy and smoky enough to hit the party circuit, which Grammy Week is.

Ole Henriksen CC Creme, left & W3LL People Narcissist Stick Foundation, right.

Of course, let's start with foundation. 

W3LL People's aloe vera-base, organic Narcissist Stick Foundation (W3LL People Cosmetics is one of the few organic makeup brands on the market) is light enough to allow your pores to breathe while seeping them in oil-free aloe vera, Green Tea, and Chamomile,  http://www.w3llpeople.com/face/narcissist-stick-foundation.html?SID=d6be9d479624c457480457045c964edf

Ole Henriksen encounters all sorts of "skin sins," so he's not going to damn you all to hell for having to sleep in your makeup.  More than anything, he's sympathetic to early morning press conferences then zooming straight on through to after-parties like Katy Perry did all day and all night on Grammy Sunday.

This is why he packed protection, perfect-ing, and brightening, all packed in one portable pump, his Perfect Truth™ CC Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 30, http://www.sephora.com/perfect-truth-cc-creme-broad-spectrum-spf-30-P379491?skuId=1529601.

The Vitamin C brightens, supports natural collagen, firms, and provides antioxidant defense. Tripeptide-5: strengthens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  Ferulic Acid provides antioxidant protection and environmental defense.  Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramides nourish and replenish moisture. Light-reflecting Pigments provide sheer light to medium coverage and instant luminosity.  Broad Spectrum SPF 30 provides UVA/UVB defense. 

As for eye makeup, it depends on how fancy the invite or how rocking or/and how many parties you're gonna hit.  With these three simple items, getting those sexy, smudgy, Bad Girl/Bad Boy Eyes is easier done as it is said.

From the fruit-rich skincare line, Mychelle Dermaceuticals, come their equally fruit-fortified makeup collection and their cute, compact, and complete three-piece kits for all sorts of occasions. 

Since it's the Awards Season, this scribe picked their "Camera Ready" Kit, a classic standard of red lips and cheeks and black eye color.  From this kit, this scribe smeared and dabbed their "eye color balm" of a mineral eye crayon, their Eye Shimmers in Smoke, a supremely sophisticated and passionate shade of charcoal gray for that smudgy but still healthy "bed eyes" look.  The Smoke Eye Shimmer, believe it or not, has fruit ingredients in it, Prunus Persica (Peach) Flavor Extract and Psidium Guajava (Guava) Flavor Extract.

To intensify or emphasize those peepers, rim the lids with Tarte Cosmetics' Smolder Eyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner, either in plummy "Fig" and/or Brown.  Shoot, it's the Grammys, go bold and withhold with their Light, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara.  This mascara nourishes while being tough.  Plus, it imparts those sultry "bedroom" eyelashes overnight, easier done as it is said.

Also from Mychelle's "Camera Ready" Makeup Collection Kit, their portable Blush Stick in Berry imparts a rosy hot flush, great for nightclubbing and partying well into dawn, while the Prunus Persica (Peach) Extract is this moisturizing, anti-inflammatory ingredient with anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.  The quasi-matte texture of the Blush Stick makes for a decent base for stay-on lip base color to build additional gloss on.

The "Pièce de résistance," to tie the whole "Grammy Rocker" Look, the lips.

Building upon the base lip color from Berry Blush Stick, slick on this opaque, dramatic shade in Flirt, a soft cabernet with violet undertones, also from Mychelle's "Camera Ready" Makeup Collection Kit.

 Herbal Essence's Naked Volume Dry Shampoo, left & Naked Shine Sheer Shine Hair Mist, right.

Can't forget about the hair.

Last Thursday night's Jason Derulo Pre-Grammy Party/Concert was a perfect place to launch Herbal Essence's light and fruity new Naked Line.  You don't want to feel your strands to get greasy, heavy, and icky over the day and night.  All that product can weight down and deflate an hairdo; and it doesn't take away the frizz.

What you need are products that refresh the hairdo in the same way a facial mist refreshes your makeup (like Ole said in "When Busting Thru that Wall, How to Sleep in Your Makeup with Tips from Ole Henriksen," http://luxurist.blogspot.com/2014/01/when-busting-thru-that-wall-how-to.html).  Residue-free, dye-free, and paraben-free Herbal Essence's Naked Volume Dry Shampoo, with natural tapioca, the formula absorbs oil and rejuvenates dirty hair for a clean feeling, invigorating your strands with a whiff of white grapefruit and mint without parabens or dyes. 

To revive a "do" or give your head a light hold, spritz on Herbal Essence's Naked Shine Sheer Shine Hair Mist, for that extra mileage, not over-the-top "bump pouf."

Herbal Essence's Naked Collection's light but elegant scents of champagne and mint makes it appropriate for crowded partying and clubbing, well into the night.

Mind you, you need to break away from this addictive habit to re-start your skin back to normal.  But when faced with too many parties to pick from or surging straight non-stop from early morning press conferences directly to after-parties, it's great you can paint your face in healthy makeup that fortifies overnight then imparts that post-coital "Bedroom" Look first thing in the morning.  Not a bad way to survive Grammy Week.





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