Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flying, Driving, Tanning, or Partying, All in Smashbox Shades of Fame

By Laura Medina

Whether you're moving to a new place with new people or being a Summer Socialite during the Festival Circuit, you still can't mess with Transportation Security Administration.

How to pack all your multiple looks for all sorts of different events while making room for your skincare?

Smashbox's Shades of Fame Eye Palette packs all in.  The Gold cream eyeshadow acts as all-over highlighter while the punchy Sherbert Eyeshadow makes a quickie blush and matte lip color.

This socializing and schmoozing scribe survived on this one eyeshadow palette for 3 weeks of business, side-tripping, sunning, and socializing.

Smashbox's Shades of Fame Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set adds texture and effect while keeping your lips dewy, not sticky.

For an everyday, running errands look, sweep Honey Eyeshadow from upper eye rim, thru the lid then up to the brow bone.  Nude Eyeshadow in the crease adds depth.  Rimming the upper eye lid with Mocha Eyeliner defines the peepers.

Sherbert Eyeshadow is the de facto blush and sometimes lip color.  For matte but moist lips, tap Sherbert Eyeshadow over clean, dry lips then smooth over some lip balm.

Want to take advantage of Summer and go effortlessly from beach during the afternoon then to the ballet/cabaret/opera at night, in a wink and blink, swipe Gold cream eyeshadow all over the eyes.

Rim the eye lids with by tap-tap-tap Safari (Forest Green) Eyeshadow for depth and for contrast, making those eyes pop out.

Good ole Sherbert as blush then brush a thicker layer of Sherbert Eyeshadow over the lips then top with lip gloss for a sultry, evening look.

Just Wanna Have Fun...and hit the road?  The Light and Bright Look cheers it all up.

We're using Sherbert Eyeshadow all over.  Using Honey Eyeshadow as an all-over eyeshadow base from eye rim to brow bone, tapping Sherbert Eyeshadow in the center of the eye lid makes your peepers pop.

Continue to tap Sherbert Eyeshadow over the cheeks then the lips.

Line the eyes with Bronze Eyeshadow to make them defined and bigger.  Gloss the lips with Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss in Hibiscus.

This is a really peachy/rosy glow on the go.

Ok. Done with your holiday? Refreshed and recharged and ready for that board meeting and ready to face the world on a tight schedule.  You can roll directly from the tarmac to the biz with this soft and subdued look.

Swipe Bliss Eyeshadow from rim to brow bone as a softening base.  Nude Eyeshadow all over the upper eye lid then line the lids with Bronze Eyeshadow for those subdued but serious eyes. 

Lightly pat reliable Sherbert Eyeshadow over the cheeks then swipe Papaya Lip Gloss so you can face the world.

This subdued look is so subtle that people will never guessed you beach-hopped during the day then swan around the social circuit at night.

You can pack a lot of looks in Smashbox Shades of Fame Eye Palette.  Think of this purse/carry-on friendly compact as the makeup version of the Little Wrap Dress, sunning in the day then stunning at night.

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