Monday, July 23, 2012

$5 a Pop and Just as Good as Dior and Chanel, Essence Cosmetics

By Laura Medina

Essence Cosmetics at the Teen Choice Awards Gifting Lounge.

After spending the whole Summer deciding who's "hot" and who's "not," the Teen Choice Awards arrived last night on Sunday.

To celebrate who's "hot," the end of Summer Vacation, and the approaching school year, the Teen Choice Awards Gifting Lounge catered to the award show attendees and host for their very first important event, that is also friendly to the kids' environmental concerns, the moms, and their wallets.

The cast of "Dance Moms" were excited when they encountered the Essence Cosmetic stand.  It has everything both the girls and the moms need, not only for the big awards night but for everyday, running errands, coaching, and etc...on camera.

The "girls," the moms and the daughters both squeal with delight when they found out they can replenish and restock their makeup kits for only $5 a pop!

The guests and press are really impressed that this European brand, Essence Cosmetics, is made in the same factory as the more upscale and "adult" Chanel and Dior cosmetics.

Why so "budget-approachable?"  Essence Cosmetics skips the fancy packaging, keeps it simple and sleek, and passes the savings, without skimping on quality, onto the consumer, mom and daughter.

No wonder the moms of "Dance Moms" were just as excited as their daughters, adult quality at tween prices. 

This scribe loves a good "pick-me-up" makeover.  At the Essence Cosmetics makeup table, their makeup artists applies and describes the Essence Cosmetics' "All Ages" Look.

Once your skincare routine is established and settled.  Sunscreen folks.  First, sculpture the cheekbones with Matte Bronzing Powder from the brand's Sun Club line.  Judging on your hair color and skin tone, the Bronzer is split into Brunettes with Darker Complexions and Blondes with Fair Complexions.  If you sniff it, you will catch a whiff of coconut for Summer.

Second, highlight the cheekbones' peaks with finger-tip friendly Silky Touch Blush.  For the makeup newbie, the makeup artists say you can swipe your finger(s) from the compact to cheek then blend.  For a more subtle look, you can take the time to blend with a brush.

Third, gloss your lips with this fun "Tint It! ColorChanging" Lip Gloss.  Fun to watch.  Fun to use.  It smells like grape.  If you pick the blue gloss, watch it change from blue to pink in minutes.  Sure, the shine will wear off but the pink tint will stay off until you scrub it off.

Gifting lounges and suites are a great launching pad for new products and new brands.  The Teen Choice Awards Gifting Lounge is no exception. 

For Fall, Essence Cosmetics debut their Quad Eyeshadow, complementary 4 colors kits of eyeliners, color, contour, and highlight.  Eye makeup is where the women are separated from the girls.

According to the makeup artist, women tend to stick to the simple, no-failure classics whereas the girls tend or want to go all-out creative in color and patterns.

For a classic look that is "All-Age" appropriate, the artist rimmed the eyes with black from XOXO Quad Eyeshadow Kit, deepen the crease with purple then open up the lid and the browbone with 2 shades of gray.

"I Love Extreme" Mascara makes your lashes bold with minimal eye makeup.

You tie it all together with quick buffs of Mosaic Powder for a more polish appearance.

At $5 an item and with minimal effort, this "All-Ages" Look is a classic approach from tween to twenty.


Essence Cosmetics wasn't the only brand making its debut.  Organic home products, Rebel Green got the "green" thumbs up from Kevin Szabo.  Something for the whole family.

eMPerfumes, for "emPowerment," found fans with TBS' Teala Dunn of "Are We There Yet?" and Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing" Josh Altman.  Despite the yummy frangrance of strawberry and vanilla, eMPerfumes donate 5% of the annual profits to charities battling domestic violence and human trafficking.  The numerous celebrites...and their moms like the essence of that. 

You'll be amazed to what you'll discover at the gifting lounge.

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