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Damone Roberts' & Alan Mruvka's LookBag, Delivering Happiness to Your Home

By Laura Medina

LookBag's &'s Damone Roberts & Alan Mruvka.

If the ordinary beauty online stores leave you clueless, the everyday beauty and skincare samples tend to be a waste, and those massive beauty emporiums get you lost, here are two gentlemen to the rescue.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a personalized bag of beauty samples tailored to you, delivered to your doorsteps, just for you?

The LookBag has arrived.

After founding E! Entertainment Network then watching it grow into the fastest-growing television network in broadcast history, Alan Mruvka noticed something.

The viewing audience was overwhelming female.  Catering to them, he added on the trendy beauty segments with the step-by-step tutorials and "what you're wearing" red carpet news segments that never fails to draw in viewers.

Realizing he did all he can with E! Network, Mr. Mruvka sold it off ten years ago but he never forgets what he learned.  The women audience drove and still drives his baby.

"People don’t realize this. E! is a women’s network; and women make all the purchasing decision in the household.  Women, last year in this country alone, spent over a $4 Trillion dollars.  E-Commerce did over $200 Billion in 2011." 

"Beauty and shoes are the two things in the bull’s eye for the female demographic.  So, I figured what can I do to appeal to the female demographic to put online?"

"Even on the red carpet, “whose shoes are you’re wearing.”…E! doesn’t even make money on that. They’re promoting the designer."

For Alan, this was the next step after E!, "So, we started the Beauty Network.  Beauty, as you know, is such a big business that no one else is aggregating the whole industry and be willing to form a beauty network online.   That will actually sell product and have beauty programming, tutorials, how-to, video,…that’s sort of what we’re doing…aggregating the whole industry."

To fill in the missing link between promoting the product to how to get it then how to use it, he wants to make it easier for fans to reach and copy their favorite celebrity looks...

"The idea is to show what the celebrities wear and how to get that look and where and how to buy those same products.  How they get that look and sell that product.  THELOOKSTORE.COM, who’s the parent company of LookBag, we have what we call celebrity boutiques where we make deals with celebs, as many as we can, we build them a beauty sites of all their favorite products, listed in their boutiques.  If you’re a fan of somebody, you can go to their site in, see what they use then buy what they’re using."

With the Beauty Network, again, it will demonstrate for you how to use those products to copy your favority celebrity's look.

It's a synergy of beauty where you locate and obtain then get schooled in these beauty products.
Alan confesses he is not an expert on the beauty business...that is not his background.  He is gifted with the knack of a programmer and an entrepreneur.

That is why he brought on people, like Damone Roberts, on,  encircling himself with experts.  There is no shame in that. 

"It’s all about coming up with a good idea then persuading that idea and surrounding yourself with experts then working, working, keeping it going."
Through years of producing and programming fashion and beauty segments for E!, Alan knew Damone is the right person for and 

How to Get a LookBag.

As a world-reowned beauty expert, Damone Roberts has first-hand experience in applying makeup on various celebrities using numerous top-of-the line products and brands.

He thinks making exclusive Hollywood-industry makeup accessible to fans is a marvelous next step in the beauty business.  Damone is that trusted expert that Alan needs.

Damone Roberts, "I was looking for way for the everyday woman to try out these fabulous products that I discovered then bring them to her, making these discoveries accessible."

Then he explains how the LookBag system works. 

First, you decide which $10 monthly subscription you want.  It can be as short as one month only for $10; or you can extend it to two or three or so on.  Each month costing only $10.  The most you can pay is $120 for one year subscription. 

After signing up, you fill out a personalize questionnaire describing your features.  Then, a LookBag beauty expert fills out the bag with the appropriate products that best fit your description. 

Using his knowledge in brand selection, Damone and his staff are personally involved in selecting the most appropriate products based your questionnaire, “I will definitely be involved myself.  I have my own products especially.  Stuff from Kim Vo, God, we have so much brands out there. We have Captiva Eyeliner.  We have lip glosses, lipsticks, mascaras; we have a lot of good things.  For example, in this past month’s LookBag, I included my Bing Bing Highlighter-that usually retails at $20 by itself…I also tossed in Captive eyeliner.  You have lip glosses, you have skin soap. You have all that for $20. It’s pretty darn good.

They will ship it out with goodies worth way more than the mere $10 monthly fee to your home.  Damone, "We’ll send her samples. She’ll try them out for a few weeks, two to three weeks. If she likes them, she can buy the full-sized product at a discounted price, 20% off the full retail price."

“Say you go into a Sephora.  There are so many things in there, it’s a little overwhelming.  Also, it’s kinda nice to have something delivered to your door-a gift every month.  You can try, not just once. Not some little, titsy-bitsy thing, ripped it off then throw away.  No, we’ll give a reasonable sized sample that will give you enough time to try it long enough to see if you like it or not. If you like it, you order the full sized version at 20% off.”

When asked if this is extension of the Damone Roberts Brand, he thinks so...

"I think so. There are a lot of things going on in the world today.   People don’t have time today. They’re mothers, they’re lawyers, they’re doctors. They’re accountants.  They’re interviewers. There are so much going on today.  It’s kinda hard to organize things.  A concept to have things personalized to you and have them ship to you directly for you to try.  This is where the future is going.  It is literally a gift every month."
Knowing busy professionals are working moms who need to look good, he knows they need to feel good as well, "The thing about working moms is that they’re always taking care of everybody else, except themselves.  They really don’t do anything for themselves. 

He knows the same E! celebrity fan is also the same busy mom,..."If you’re in an airplane, -god forbid the plane should fall- you know how they say to put your mask first before you put on that mask on anyone else. You need to take care of yourself first before you take care of somebody else, to be there for them...You gotta take care of yourself first, before your kids, before your husband..."

Think of LookBag as a gift for yourself, a monthly treat where you can play with the hottest makeup and skincare from Hollywood.  About gifting, Damone will definitely change it up for the holidays, such as Mother's Day, Christmas, and etc.

Based on their industry wisdom of fans watching far, far away and mothers gobbling up E! as their nightly treat, Damone Roberts and Alan Mruvka think you all are worth it.

Alan, "I’m glad I’m bringing happiness into people’s lives."  Damone, "I think that you’re worth it."  

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