Monday, July 18, 2011

W Hollywood, stylish platform for a pool party and a stylish performance art.

The W Hotel in Hollywood recently played host to two fashion happenings for two nights in a row.

What started out as a sampling of Rhythm Clothing’s contemporary surfwear with a touch of rugged plaid shirts and denim splashed into a free-for-all pool party.

Since they can’t bring the party to the water, why not bring the water to the people…and that’s what they did.

What innocently started as an idle toe dip in the water, splatter into a freewheeling pool party where clever party folks, stripped down to their maillots and their Rhythm boardshorts or what the heck, just dive right into it, clad only in their mini, tunic dresses.

Reminiscent of the Seventies’ legendary, decadent Studio 54, Rhythm Clothing’s Sunglasses at Night pool party was a discotheque in water…if Manhattan’s late, great Studio 54 simply wished, they could (if they had the space and thought of installing a pool but didn’t) yet only Rhythm Clothing did.

Rhythm Clothing accomplished something a Manhattanite party planner can only dream of…a wet bacchanal in the middle of summer.

Immediately as soon as the Rhythm Clothing party dried off, W Hollywood segued right into a performance art/fashion installation with one model, by the cutting-edge boutique, Stanton James.

The women attendees at the Rhythm Clothing pool party can gain an idea or two from this Stanton James’ fashion installation in how to layer at arrival then how to strip down to their stylish swimwear.

Broken down into five segments, translated into five outfits on one model, the show morphs as the model tastefully peels off one outfit while revealing another underneath.

The second segment is the one most directly related to the previous night’s pool party.

What started as a Hollywood appropriate streetwear of a fake fur-trimmed houndstooth trench over a vintage rock tee-shirt and heirloom cut-off jeans, transform into rocker glam with a yellow, satin drape shawl jacket, concealing a cut-out, black and white stripe maillot.

This could had been a great Hollywood pool party combo.

The last set was also rocker-meets-pool, another vintage rock concert tee over crochet maxi skirt over a black lace boot-leg pants with a flesh-toned mesh lining. A swimsuit or a matching crochet bikini or camisole as the foundation garment.

Keep your eyes out for the W Hotel in Hollywood, you might never know what you’re going to spot.

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