Friday, May 6, 2011

Stuff that the busy mom really wants.

By Laura Medina

Ipad/notebook/laptop, check. Iphone/smartphone, check. Wallet, check. brush/comb, check. Water bottle, check. Makeup kit or a tube of lip/check, check. Snacks for you and the kid, check.

Don't irritate another mom with wilting, overpriced flowers or odd-smelling perfume that makes her sneeze. Give her stuff that she needs.

The multi-talented and multi-tasking Cynthia Rowley and MCM give what anyone, mom or not, needs and wants...good, strudy, chic, and roomy purses to stuff daily essentials. Rowley's Charlotte Frame Bag comes in gray, coral red (above), and reliable black. MCM's First Lady Bag is an easy drawstring bag for in-and-out access and grabbing.

Now, that you graduated from "Chicken Soup for the Soul," you need mantras to give yourself an excuse to...take care of yourself. "If You give a Mom a Martini..." book helps you first before you can help others. It's $11 from Random House and can be found on

Once you're done giving yourself an excuse for that martini, you need Jee Vice sunglasses to shield your weary eyeballs from the harsh sun and comfortable but stylish Jellypop sandals to keep you running without stumbling.

Keep it styling for you all moms out there.

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