Monday, May 23, 2011

Ciao Summer! Italian, Preppy Style, Flair at Ron Robinson on Melrose

By Laura Medina

A pair of Sundek Models serving wine and coconut sorbet.

Italian Summer arrived at Ron Robinson on Melrose just on time.

An American/Californian ex-pat, Sundek Surfwear, returned to home turf. They showcased classic Sixities Californian madras and teal with sunburst in Italian fabrics and tailoring by former Prada menswear designer, Neil Barrett. American sporty roots grown and refined by Italy, where it grew into that country's hottest swimwear brand, only to return home as an American brand done good. Welcomed back.

To complement the Italian beach feel, Missoni popped up a home decor trunk show in Ron Robinson's interior decoration section, outfitted by lush towels and decadent knit swatches for shoppers to pick, choose, and customize through Missioni's fashion executives, above.

They modelled true Italian style-it is the preppy stand-bys of white polos, white jeans, the navy blazer, the lilac button-down and necktie. However, they jolted their ensembles by topping it off with a Missoni knit pullover or switch the khaki for the classic Americana Summer classic, seersucker.

It wouldn't be an Italian Summer with Ducati, the Ferrari of motorcycles.

They may be not hunking huge as our Harley-Davidsons but they're like Italian design themselves-lean, mean, agile, quick, and nimble, decked out in see-through engine chambers and suede seats.

Ahhhh, Italian Summer....

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