Thursday, May 19, 2011

21st Century Infusion Hair Conditioning & a Quick Touch-up from Pros for Time Pressed Moms/Women

By Laura Medina


Debuting on the day before Mother's Day, Joico Hair Care launch the most innovative hair products on the market for today's real and really, really busy moms who are literally pressed for time.

Can't deal with the kids tugging on you while trying to fix your hair, iron in one hand and styling/conditioner in the other so you can look presentable and polished first thing in the morning then go-go nonstop?

This is why Joico brought out two 2-in-1 infusing hair care tools, an hair iron that either curls or straightens the strands while conditioning them; and a blow dryer that conditions while the heat dries your hair.

Called infusion technology, both tools have wells or reservoirs that hold concentrated conditioning lotion or serum that, when turned on, the heat from the tool either infuses and seals the conditioner directly into the hair shaft like the K-PAK ReconstrRx VaporIron; or it infuses the hair strands by blowing heated air onto the strands like the K-PAK Quadraion Pro-Dryer.

K-PAK ReconstrRx VaporIron

With the above K-PAK Quadraion Pro-Dryer, it works by first, filling the well inside the nozzle with keratin-rich conditioning serum. When you turn it on, the warm/hot air from the engine will drive through the nozzle and the well, carrying with extreme fine mist of the conditioner onto the wet hair. As you dry the hair, the more likely you'll condition the hair strands richer and deeper since the heated air drives the conditioner deeper into the strands and the core, making them softer and manageable. All done with one hand. You can either use the other hand to wash the kid or put on makeup while the kid is tugging on you.

If you want beach wave ringlets or a sleek and smooth hairdo, you can apply the same infusion technology with the K-PAK ReconstrRx VaporIron.

This is more direct than the Quadraion Pro-Dryer which blows conditioner deeper into the hair strands.

By actually touching then sealing the hair strands when the iron directly holds, clamps then either wraps/curls or straightens the strands themselves, the keratin conditioner directly passes from the well into the hair shafts then the cores through the irons them. As the heat from the irons shapes the hair, it also conditions the hair. Again, you can either use the free hand to fix your face or fix the kid.

Whichever tool or method you pick, both Joico's latest styling tools are innovation in deep conditioning. Using direct, heat-infusion conditioning technology, the soft manageability is actually durable, longer-lasting since the inner hair shaft is already deep conditioned with keratin, making your hair easier to comb and brush yet also durable and strong.

No more of this coating which drags hair down while clogging skin pores.

Think of K-PAK ReconstrRx VaporIron and the K-PAK Quadraion Pro-Dryer as EZ Pass for hair styling and hair conditioning two-in-one.

If you're a luxurious luddite and can't bear or handle two-in-one high tech tools or you have more pressing matters-hair dye and touch-ups and you're all thumbs in that department, there is an one stop pit stop, TINT.

They do more than a simple tint. This hair dye depot takes the complications and rigid formulas out of your bathroom and towels into their chic salon where a person can get $350 quality dye and touch-ups for a mere $47 touch-up to $55 highlights.

The owner, Frank, wants to the modern hair salon more nimble than the traditional salon where a busy mom can drop by, running errands, and get hair and dye fixed. No appointments required but you can, if you want to be formal about it. The customized hair color is made from scratch. Let the staff at TINT fuss over your roots or refresh your hair so you don't have to...and they take the guess work out of the equation of which shade is right for you.

It's an oil change for your hair color.

If you're a more tactical person but can't stand the whole routine of wash n' dry, Wella has a very simple solution for you.

Need a quickie touch-up with dry hair, dap a pinkie of this Smooth Brillance Pomade, just smooth it over the ends, not the scalp then style your hair anyway you want. Spinky, finger-styled or shape and seal with an iron. Wella's Smooth Brilliance Pomade fixes your strands in a jiff.

From the high tech to the low tech, Summer 2011 Haircare aims at improve the durability and health of your hair while making hair care quicker and faster to fit today's moms-and women.


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