Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fierce Optimism, Tracy Reese, NY Fashion Week Spring 2010

By Laura Medina
Pierre Bonnard-inspired vivid print Jacket
Swayed by late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century, French painter, Pierre Bonnard, Tracy
calls her latest Spring 2010 Collection, fiercely optimistic and romantically edgy.
Aggressively Positive sets the tone for Spring 2010, a will to over look the gloom and doom and hunt for Spring's renewal and energy to move forward.
Prints range from happy graphics to dappled florals.
Tiger-Striped Dress, Photo by Frazer Harrison
Body conscious silhouettes bring fresh energy, while relaxed styles are draped, ruched and wistfully romantic.

Black Polka Dots Chiffon Overlay Dress, Photo by Frazer Harrison

A circular theme emerges in prints and embroideries.

Iridescent Sheath Dress, Photo by Frazer Harrison

Sheer styles glimmer with iridescence. Draped jersey styles offer an easy, accessible glamour.

While flirty, carefree feminine, expressed in pouf skirts and circle dresses are Ms. Reese's calling card, the new infusion of rich, vivid palette of Orientalism adds deep to the collection.

Happiness is not frothy any more. It steels you against negativity.

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