Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Accessible Glamour, Trash & Luxury

By Laura Medina
Rock N' Roll Paradise
After spinning the globe as uber-stylist Patricia Fields’ buyer and assistant, fueling the craze for Hello Kitty,rushing around Manhattan running his own eveningwear line, Michael and Hushi for ten and half long years and dressing “Sex in the City,” Hushie Mortezaie decided it was time to return home to California to reboot, regroup, and renew.

In a five year breather, he returned to his first love, painting, among Los Angeles’ palm trees, beach, and sun, enough to recharge his creative batteries. Plus, it’s nice to be surrounded by family.

Launching at Fred Segal Santa Monica’s Flair Boutique, Hushie’s upscale causal wear, Trash & Luxury is the new reinterpretation of Hushie the Fashion Designer.

He wants to roll up his Manhattan years learning and soaking Late Seventies/Early Eighties Disco Glamour, fashion history, education, and experience under Patricia Fields and inject them into this fun yet sneakily educational line of retro Eighties tee-shirts, Trash & Luxury.
Wanting to keep the art of haute couture alive and reachable, Hushie, the artist, took the mundane tee-shirt then turned it into his canvas.

Actually, he retooled it the same way Coco Chanel took men’s underwear and reconstructed it into women’s ready-to-wear.
Studio 54
More tunics/mini-dresses than a plain tee, Hushie removed the jersey out of the Empress shirt and redid it into light-weight modal.

He transforms the cuff sleeves into a three-tier pagoda bell sleeves for a dressier appearance.

Paris Neon

Trash & Luxury is his vehicle, proving there are so many ways to interpret and style the everyday tee-shirt, expressing individuality and originality. It’s an affordable way to be special.
Using his Manhattan experience, he licensed Harper Bazaar’s covers as artwork, using the tee as a canvas and a messenger to preserve fashion illustration history. He doesn’t want these kids to forget.

Hushie calls his creations, “Evening Tee-Shirts.”

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The point of fashion is that people should stand out in something is that of good quality yet is accessible without sacrificing their identity.

If there is something to be learned from Ms. Fields, fashion for Hushie is a piece of wearable art that makes people feel exceptional about who they are.

People shouldn’t get lost in the masses drowning in trends but be trend-setters themselves.

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