Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Demeter Fragrances at CVS

By Laura Medina

It was not too long, that a person has to go out of her or his way to locate unique, quality fragrances in a specialized boutique then having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Due to growing demand and the shrinking ecomony, Demeter Frangrances took its most popular scents to the public.

Today, the clean, universal, unisex, ageless scents of Pure Soap, Baby Powder, and Laundromat
are available to anyone anywhere in CVS today.
They also come in travel-friendly spray vials which are half the price of the full-sized bottles, $5.99. The full-sized bottles are $9.99, half the price of the normally $19.99 Demeter Fragrances found in boutiques.
CEO Mark Crames believes that “the world is ready for this brand.”
In addition to the universally crisp scents of Pure Soap, Baby Powder, and Laundromat, Demeter offers the sweet smells of Patchouli, Honeysuckle, and Lilac.
The clean scents in vials are great for career professionals on the go. They come in a jiffy, spritzing them on clothes as a laundry short-cut or as room refresheners.
While tween and adult girls can spritz the sweet scents for an after work/school pick me up or a quick date vitalizer.
At these prices and at CVS, Demeter is ready for everyone.
They're already hot sellers in Los Angeles where it's not only important to look good but smell good in a hurry.

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