Saturday, July 11, 2009

Target makes Hollywood Hip Available

$29.99 Purple and Black Totes
Back-to-School and that transition into Fall is just around the corner and it's in the middle of a hot, sticky Summer with the Dog Days of Summer falling into place.

Need to freshen up your wardrobe but Fall clothes are a little smothering right now and too warm and too expensive for August and even the Indian Summer of September-what to do?

With Target's new accessories collaboration with Jaye Hersh, the super cool owner of Intuition, the hip, go-t0 boutique for Hollywood's hottest celebrities, their new line, HollywoodIntuition bridges that gap between Summer's heat and Fall's more somber cool.

Need a really great bag that can carry all your Summer essentials of gel, sunblock, flip-flops, and magazine then use it again for textbooks, heavy duty makeup, and notebook?

For $29.99, HollywoodIntuition tote bags in fashionable deep purple and reliable black can do all of that.

$16.99 Reversible Floppy Hat in Brown/Gray

This free-wheeling Sixties-Hippy inspired Floppy Hat provides more than sun protection from Summer's harsh UVB/UVA glares in gray. In turn it inside-out, you'll get a Brown Bohemian Hat putting you in a deeper romantic mood for Autumn's falling leaves. Two looks in one for a reasonable.

The HollywoodIntuition Line can really stretch your Summer closet into Fall.

A set of 5 Mixed Media Necklaces for $14.99 and a set of 6 Mixed Media Bracelets for $9.99

Jewelry is always a good fallback for spicing up a stale warbrobe and it's entirely seasonless.

If you want a consistent Hippy style year around, it never hurts to invest in these hip but timeless pieces such as the Mixed Media Jewelry in the HollywoodIntuition.

At five necklaces for $14.99 and six bracelets for $9.99, mom and daughter can split them up, mix them up, and pile them on, making a Summer outfit ready for early Fall and Back-To-School at a very low cost.

$29.99 Tote with scarf and $14.99 Hollywood and $14.99 Aviator Sunglasses

If your tastes fall into Old Hollywood than Young Hollywood, you can bring out your Inner Grace Kelly without the Hermes budget by getting this class tote that includes a subtle print scarf then top it off with a pair of Hollywood sunglasses. All for a under $50!

$16.99 Printed Scarf and $16.99 Ruched Scarf

If Lindsay Lohan is more your "thang" then Grace Kelly, this ruched scarf in deep purple can make your basic tank top up-to-the-minute since ruffles are very big right now and also into the Fall.

$12.99 set of 4-in-1 Faux Snakeskin Pouches

If you're the girl-around-town, dashing from class/work to bar/social function, Target's new collection with Jaye Hersh is for you.

Keep the ruch scarf and the fun, funky jamble of the Mixed Media Jewelry on, just switch the workhorse roomy totes for these super styling pack of 4 pouches as clutches then you'll have a new and different look for a couple of nights out.

$14.99 Hollywood Glamour Necklace

With your a Hollywood Hipster with a tight tank and skinny jeans or a little black dress woman ready for any cocktail soiree, this chain-link necklace can play both teams, making the Hollywood Hipster tougher chic or giving a cocktail dressed socialite a splash of soignee, this is the go-to necklace for any style tribe.

Jaye Hersh's new collaboration with Target, their HollywoodIntuition makes her eye for what every Hollywood hottie and diva wants, more accessible to their fans and admirers who appreciate the little things, making a woman sexy and approachable while transforming the ordinary school girl into a diva for the upcoming school year, all within a school kid's budget.

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