Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Styling, Don't Sweat It!

Sweating out how to be stylish without being soaked in perspiration?

Level 99 Denim is here to the rescue.

Their current Summer Collection and arriving Fall 2009 Collection are spun out of a combination of durable but lightweight linen, chambray, and sweat-evaporating lyocell.

Plus, lyocell imparts a lustrous sheen. A subtle sparkle for evening.

This babydoll mini Cowl Neck Dress, above, is a great double-hitter.

Pair this with Level 99's white Kaliegh Cargo Jeans and you got yourself a snappy new outfit.

Soft as silk but breezy as air, it's no sweat, simple chic!

Level 99 Denim has you covered for Summer without breaking a sweat.

Most of their Summer jeans collection are in chambray, the lightweight cousin to the more heavy duty denim like these dressy shorts.

The biggest hits out of the Summer Collections are these Kaliegh Cargos. They all have sweat-evaporating lyocell woven into their jeans.
Another great feature about Kaliegh is the efficient and cost-saving hem-tabs. You can pull and fold the hems up or down then secure them with a snap button to keep them in place.
Dress them down and dress them with heels in indigo Chambray for clubbing or in gunmetal for the work.
If you have a positively hectic party season during the Summer, get it in white. Pull it down with jeweled flip-flops for the bar then pull it up in the sand.
Those snap-buttons save you tons of money from the tailor shortening or lenghtening your hems all the time.
Need a cool jacket for those cool nights and blazing hot days?
The Pattie Jacket has you covered, easing from cold to hot, especially if you're in the plane.
You can never be too young or too trendy to wear Level 99.
Still reminiscing about that jean skirt in "The Preppy Handbook"?
Trying to locate it to recreate that vintage look?
The Joy is the revamped version of the classic jean circle skirt.
A great additon to your polo shirt and pearls. Great for any age, from elementary to Baby Boomer.

Need something Summery yet office-appropriate?
The Boyd Trouser in nautical-friendly light-blue and in office-proper gunmetal gray is a great wardrobe addition.

These Cole Capri Jeans in airy chambray and sweat-soaking lyocell makes you Eighties sharp for the dog days of Summer.

Want to be a tight femme fatale without being smoldering in heavy-duty, thick denim?
These razor-sharp Julie Cuffed Skinny Trousers keeps you "Bon Chic, Bon Genre."
Do it retro Eighties Stylish by topping it off with a lightweight tank top and pearls or keep it classy in a short-sleeved striped sailor tee.
The Julie Trousers are a great transition from Summer to Autumn.
Level 99 keeps you chic year-around.

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