Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gridlock Jeans Stopping You in Your Tracks

Whether you're stuck on Wilshire Boulevard or Sunset Avenue in traffic or blurring by during the rush hour, you can't help but noticed this intriguing billboard for the aptly named, Gridlock Jeans.

But, what everyone is buzzing about is this, "What is Gridlock Jeans?"

There's more to Gridlock Jeans than the name itself.

The "lock" in Gridlock Jeans are actually interlocking back pockets that are interchangeable.
If your wardrobe budget only allows room for one pair of great fitting jeans but you have a jam-packed social calendar.
These removable back pockets come in suede, chains, leather trims, zebra/cheetah prints, and hip embroideries. They automatically refreshes your jeans in nanosecond.
By snapping, buttoning, and zipping them, you can fool everyone that you have a closet full of designer jeans. Nobody knows you only have one pair of jeans.
Even if you're a busy professional in a conservative workplace and you only have room for one pair of jeans for the weekend, these forty different designs of back pockets give you mileage.
You can do an old switcheroo, wear the plain jeans for day and carry the pockets in your purse.
When you arrive at the club or the bar, swap on a pair of back pockets then you're ready to rock.
Just because their specialty are interchangeable back pockets, doesn't mean their limited to only one cut of jeans.
They come in the skinny cut, straight leg, the flare, boot cut, cigarette cut, bell bottoms and skinny overalls for all different types of bodies.

They didn't skimp on quality. The jeans and the pockets are constructed from high quality and chemical-free denim. Easy on your wallet and on the environment.
Paris Hilton, Annalynne McCord, Courtney Cox, Haylie Duff, Eva Mendez, and Shanna Moakler are already big fans of this practial hip line.
Of course, Kitson on 115 South Robertson Blvd. and H. Lorenzo on 8660 W. Sunset Blvd. are the first to jump on this sensible trend.
Now, you can trick people you have a closet full of designer jeans but that's your secret.

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