Friday, November 7, 2008

PAPER Magazine lands in LA

Mr. Mickey Partying It Up on the Sunset Strip
For it's Fourth Annual trek to Los Angeles, the uber-Soho culture/fashion/art magazine, PAPER Magazine has returned to West Hollywood.
It perched temporarily at 8873 Sunset Blvd. at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and San Vincenti Blvd.
Everytime, they make their westward migration for five days, they set-up a pop-up gallery, performance space, photography studio, and shop.
Other than enjoying the sunny weather and palm trees, the folks at PAPER Magazine recognized that the City of Angels have a growing art, culture, and fashion scene, mostly ignored by the city's obession on starlets and the entertainment industry.
It is their purpose to shine a light on these LA culturati and fashionistas for their up-coming annual February issue.

Mickey Boardman, aka "Mr. Mickey" getting his groove on at the opening party

Hard Rocker-turned-DJ, Andrew WK
Actually, the staff at PAPER Magazine are pretty generous folks.
They thought highly of Andrew WK's new venture, a night club called Santa's Play House and kindly asked him to bring his concept and crew to LA to be their house DJs for the five days event.
For Andrew, his night club is a natural growth and extension of his regular rock band, which he personally told me, is planning to hit the road again pretty soon.
He's still banging away on the keyboard over Eighties hits, ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" and classical Seventies and Eighties funk and rap.

Kim Hastreiter, Co-Publisher/Editor and Founder of PAPER Magazine
As the maternal editor watches the opening celebrations, Kim is opening and willing to talk to anyone. Remember, she's searching for fresh talent.

She lived very briefly in LA and attended Walt Disney's Art Center up in Pasadena.
She always knew LA has gifted artists, since she was one herself.
As she watched the city spawn in many directions, Kim noticed that each neighborhood grows it's own identity and personality since everyone is choked by their own traffic.
The magazine crew want to spotlight those emerging artsy neighborhoods like Culver City, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Venice Beach, and LA's garment district, Downtown. Places the mainstream media in Los Angeles ignore because they're not tv/movie/entertainment heavy but they're ripe of individuality and real Los Angelenos, not air-brushed starlets dying for the red carpet.
They pick West Hollywood because of it's central location as a gathering spot.

Dallas from VH1's "Rock of Love: Charm School"

Celebrity Stylist, George Blodwell, and on the right, his wife, blonde Italian fashion publicist, Piera.

Towards the final hour, the party really heats up when uniquely LA celebrities arrive in droves.

Old friends, George Blodwell, and a couple of actors greeted this writer. Local Sunset Strip rockers show their support for the NY magazine.

Everybody will have even more blasts.

Thursday and Sunday are the editorial days when things calm down and people of every stripe are welcomed to show their graphic designs, clothes, style, and talent to the PAPER staff for their Febuary issue. Those are the days, the pop-up store becomes "Project Runway" and hunts for fresh talent to showcase.

Friday and Saturday are the 24-Hour "Chop Shop" Party. Open to the public and for everyone to enjoy, it's an all day and all night shopping and partying carnival where shoppers can watch artists convert Levi's denim into all sorts of stuff while partying to Lady Tigra, Chapin Sisters, and prominent alternative rockers.

Go ahead and save the cover charge for other things and join the celebration of what is good about LA and party with PAPER Magazine people this weekend at 8873 Sunset Blvd.

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