Friday, November 8, 2019

Davines Haircare's "Tomorrow and the Butterfly," Documentary Shows How Aesthetics Has a Ripple Effect on Society, Urban Planning, & Artists Patronage, Beauty Thru Design.

By Laura Medina

Davines Haircare, the Italian family haircare company, continues the Italian tradition of wealthy families taking care and continuing patronage of artists, creatives; and now, the environment then integrating with today's urban planning and architecture for a better environment while improving hair care products and the local economy.

Their documentary,  "Tomorrow and the Butterfly," shows small changes can cause ripple effects in all directions.  Davines is using "Butterfly Effect," sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

This is why this documentary is split in climate-changing conscious urban planning and architecture; environmentalism in preserving an olive oil tree that Davines use in their haircare products as a form of preservation and conservatism; saving sex trafficking victims by training them to be Davines stylists; then supporting musicians through sponsoring concert tours.

Jorge Blanco, Creative Director North America at Davines, hosted the documentary premiere.

At their documentary premiere, obviously they showcase Davines Haircare products, derived from the produce they preserve and harvest for their haircare.

As any "beauty-ista" knows, whatever you eat, comes out in your skin.  Davines practice what they preach.  

This the list of organic bakers and cheese-makers that practice what Davines support.  Beet and pesto hummus dip and spreads with cranberry bread toasts, gourmet cheeses, and fresh and dried fruits.

They included, on display, their rare, out of print cookbook where the same ingredients they grow and use in their products, is also used in their recipes.  Jorge happens to also edit and author this rare, limited edition, out of print cookbook, based on his New Jersey childhood.

Beauty as food, food as beauty.

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