Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Spencer Ludwig, Always a Fashionista Musician, Now with Tommy Hilfilger Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer and Fall 2019.

By Laura Medina

Trumpter Spencer Ludwig has always a fashionista musician, who naturally synchronizes the definition of style with early 21st century jazz-funk-hip hop fusion with fashion.

We first noticed him, playing his first release and hit, "Diggy" for Target Style's Vibe tv campaign a few years back,  Good launch. 

This is him, now, as one of the official brand ambassadors, along with Zendaya, for Tommy Hilfilger's 2019 "Make It Possible" campaign and tour.

The national ad campaign kicked off when, obviously, Tommy Hilfilger sponsored select tours at malls and shopping center where they can spotlight Millennial Spencer Ludwig to Gen-Z customers...

He already modeled Tommy Hilfilger on stage...

Before Tommy takes someone on as a brand ambassador, it's talent first and foremost.

This scribe first discovered this trumpter at a foodie/liqour event a few years because his "Diggy" for Target is what caught this scribe's ears.  

So did Tommy Hilfilger's, once you opened your ears, keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming star.

Talent well-earned.

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