Monday, June 3, 2019

May's L.A.'s Foodie Month was a Fun House for Tacotopia & Jack in the Box's Spicy Crunch Strip Launch at the House of Crunch

By Laura Medina

Tacotopia's Broncing Mechanical Taco

Sure, May is Los Angeles' Food Month, showcasing and highlighting only in L.A. bistros, cafes, restaurants, and Mom's & Pops', making it a foodie tourist destinations.

But, these two foodie fun events prove otherwise.  They bring the fun to the masses, where there is a Jack in the Box location or a Tacotopia pop-up.

For all things and for the love of tacos, Cholula Hot Sauce and Jarrito Sodas, with Azule Taqueria doing a taco buffet of: Pork Belly, Cauliflower al Pastor, Azule Asada, Wild and Free Mushroom and a special California Cholula Taco with Jarrito Sodas' rainbow of Mexican sodas to wash down the tacos.

Tacotopia is a taco fun house, Instagam-worthy.

More than munching and posing, there's a sit-n-snip tortilla chip table and a bronco mechanical taco, instead of a mechanical bull, that people can and do ride.

There's a Jarrito Soda wrestler.

Since food is the new fun, Jack in the Box took fashion pretentiousness then spin it on its head when they debut their Spicy Crunch Chicken Strip at art gallery/perfume pop-up to fully launch their new menu items...

Jack in the Box launched their new Spicy Crunch Chicken in two new forms, at their House of Crunch with Bustle,...

Spicy Crunch Chicken Sliders...

Or, as Spicy Crunch Chicken Strip with Waffles, where the dripping honey mellowed the spiciness. 

There are Black Bean Sliders, so vegans wouldn't feel left out...

Churros dipped dark chocolate sauce, mmmm…

House of Crunch was a special launch, celebrating with once in a time cocktail menu, that you can copy at your taco house party.

The House of Crunch pay homage to the chicken nugget/strip through upscale, pop art, dipped in iconic Buttermilk Ranch Sauce.

Jack in the Box even had fun with the current trend of Autonomous sensory meridian response, subconscious whispering.  Obviously, making you hungry and crave their new Spicy Crunch Chicken Strip through their hilarious ad...

Jack in the Box had more fun, spoofing itself, by displaying perfume based on their popular dipping sauces and flavors:...

The new Spicy Crunch Chicken, Buttery, Buttermilks Ranch, and BBQ Sauce.

Yes, these are real perfume/cologne based on Jack in the Box's most popular sauces and flavors.  If you want a man...or a chick...get them through their stomach, smell like their favorite snack food.

 There was even chicken nugget bouncy box.

Tacotopia and Jack in the Box's House of Crunch proved that food doesn't have to be exclusive or rare or unique to just one locale; or forcing diners to come to it.  Nope, Tacotopia's traveling taco fun house and Jack in the Box prove they can bring fun food to the people.

Have fun with food.

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