Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A More Down to Earth Dumbo, "Saving Flora" with David Arquette, in Theaters on June 14th.

By Laura Medina

Walking in "Dumbo" wake, a more realistic elephant tale steps in.

is a more realistic take on the elephant rescue story.

Mark Drury Taylor, the director, said that with circus and zoo elephants, you can't just return and dump elephants into the wilds then expect them to survive.  You have to send them to elephants centers, where humans can take care of them.  The movie deals with the issue of economics and cost of taking care of an elephant.

David Arquette, plays struggling circus owner/ringmaster, Henry, trying to run a circus among dwindling audience and an anti-circus environment.

Torn and juggling between the paying his staff and crew and paying for an aging retired circus elephant, Henry was forced to choose to put the aging circus elephant, Flora, to sleep.

Once his head-strong, dedicated daughter heard of his plans, she run away from the circus, "saving Flora."

This is when the real journey begins...Henry's daughter, Dawn, "saving Flora" trekking to an elephant rescue center, meeting and encountering all sorts of characters.

Encountering bad boy turned good boy, Sebastian.  Sorry, Dawn cares more for Flora the Elephant.  The poor romantic interest knows he's secondary to Flora the Elephant.

Tom Arnold surfaces as comedic foil, bumbling villain big game hunter with ulterior motives, Runyon.

Don't worry and do not want to spoil the ending, but Dawn and Flora will make out alive.


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