Thursday, November 1, 2018

It's Autumn at Nights of the Jack in the Land of Pumpkins- Calabasas CA

By Laura Medina

Starting October 11th before Halloween and celebrating towards the Day of the Dead, Nights of the Jack takes Jack o' Lanterns on steroids.

It has to do with the naming of Calabasas, way before Kardashians.

In 1824, a Basque farmer drop a cart full of pumpkins on east of Las Virgenes Road and El Camino Real.  The seeds from the smashed pumpkins spilled all over the place.  When he returned in Spring, those seeds sprouted pumpkins all over this site, giving it the name Calabasas, where pumpkins fell or the land of pumpkins.

Calabasas and neighboring Malibu use Halloween and The Day of the Dead as excuses to go nuts on the art of pumpkin craving and decoration.

Nights of the Jack gives you Halloween or even Fall night-time decorations.

You can project singing animations on pumpkins singing.

You can crave smaller pumpkins then insert different colored lights inside then hang them on tree branches.


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