Monday, November 19, 2018

All Together Now, Ron Robinson's 40th Anniversary and There's A Do Over Second 40th Anniversary.

By Laura Medina

Being 40 years in anything, marriage or business is a big deal.

Being 40 years in retail, as the hottest, the latest, and the trendiest, that's even tougher.

Along the way, Ron Robinson, the man and the brand, experienced and collected stories that can be helpful to anyone.

To accompany the first 40th Anniversary bash in the Melrose location, Ron released a book,
"Ron Robinson, 40 Years."  It's not just about him.  It's about his employees, current and past, who helped him over the years.  As they grow together, his crew become noteworthy industry professionals that become sought-after in their own rights or moved to be influential industry movers and shakers.

What's really cool. The book is priced accordingly to 1978 prices.  Instead of paying $40 of today, you can buy the book at $19.78.

A great book for any fashionista who wants to open a boutique.

No lessons to punish you but humble anecdotes that Ron modestly encountered along the way.  It's up to you gleam.

For such an "Hollywood Guy," Ron is actually an El Paso, Texan who just followed his gut instincts, living with a Texan hospitality, stay grounded, stay modest, and treat everyone like family.  Yes, he admits, sometimes it's hard to do on some days, especially in LA but he managed.  So does, his immediate family and his work family of employees.

Ron Robinson, the boutique is more than a retail store.  It's a community center.

At his 1327 5th St. store in Santa Monica, two blocks north of 3rd St. Promenade, a Saturday 
morning starts with a morning fitness class, where LA's best instructors and inventors teach fitness.

Yoga to destress.  Mat Pilates to firm up. It always end with healthy, refreshing breakfast of snacks and juices and tonics.

His Santa Monica store also reflects lifestyle, where denim shares space with athleisure from Norma Kamali.

Later, after yoga or on Thursday nights, he host book and art gallery parties, supporting local talent.

While chilling, you'll see what makes Ron Robinson still hot, after all these years.

An interactive Lyric Box amplifier that displays lyrics and graphics to accompanying song that's playing.

A Top Brew faucet that flows coffee and tea and carbonated soda, hooked to an Ipad.

Never feel left out at Ron Robinson.

You can join the community at his second 40th Anniversary party on December 6th at 5pm at his 1327 5th St. Santa Monica store.

Join the community.

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