Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Oscar Prep Leading Up to 2018 Academy Awards, Discovering New Trends & New Stuff

By Laura Medina

When you're nominated for an award, it is like a fairy godmother tapping you with good luck.  But, it is intense, quick, and hard;..and you've been a slob all your life then you have to clean up and be perfect in a nanosecond.

Don't worry.  Industry professionals and insiders know you need good stuff-quick.

Industry veteran, Debbie Durkin knows it and that's why her Pre-Emmy and Pre-Oscar Eco Luxe Lounge are one of the most desirable prep and prim style lounges for nominees to pick and prep for the big awards day and night.

Running in its second year, Ms. Durkin's Eco Luxe Lounge has been a luxurious, classy garden party meets gifting suite.  An ideal time to slow down and spot some style and health and wellness trends.

Knowing that Awards Week can be hard and intense, her lounge/garden party can be a great time to slow and recharge on her delectable brunch/lunch buffet, at the Beverly Hilton.

The legendary brie wrapped in puff pastry, Brie en Croute, thank god is a brunch stand-by that everybody oh, awe, and admire.  A never fail.  As always, here's an Brie en Croute recipe, https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/brie-en-croute-2-recipe-2115538

Brie en Croute #2


Berry Lips and Bold Brows
Salma Hayeck, Zoey Deutch, and Gal Gadot all rocked berry lips with bold brows. To recreate this look, use Palladio’s Brow Obsessed Mousse with Fibers ($8) to fill in any gaps, making your brows look naturally full. If you want a more standout eyeshadow like Zoey Deutch, use the Silk Fx Eyeshadow Palette ($12) in Mirage, paired with the Double Agent Lash Extender + Fiber Booster ($12) for full lashes. Finish your lips with the Velvet Matte Metallic Lip Color ($8) in Opulent for a deliciously berry lip. 

Beauty lounges and open houses getting you ready, from top to bottom.

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