Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Callyssee Coffee Heating Mask Keeps You Warm During a Nor'easter.

By Laura Medina

Here's some Hollywood beauty stuff that can help the East Coast folks stay warm and clean.

Rubbing this facial mask, activates the zeolite that instantly warms up the skin.  Along with Organic Green Coffee Seed Extract, wakes the blood vessels.  It's the facial scrub/mask version of a hot mug of coffee.

It's a self-heating mask that seems to magically warm to the touch and surround skin with a warm, healing feeling. It reenergizes tired, dull looking skin while removing impurities and excess oils.

The Kaolin clay infused treatment works with your own body heat to help smooth lines and wrinkles. While the Zeolite,which is mostly made up of silica and works as a skin detox to remove pollutants from your face. Zinc Oxide soothes irritate skin, while Green Coffee Arabica Seed Extract, tackles photoaging and fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration.

Not for hygging on a snow day.

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