Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sweet Sugar Skin-Saviors for Cold, Dry Climates & Seasons or When You Scarred & Got a Boo Boo.

By Laura Medina

No matter how hard you try or how careful you are, stuff happens.  The same can be said about skincare.

Yes, the majority of skincare does the usually moisturizing and wrinkle-nourishing.  But, what about the blemishes, the light, minor scarring that one gets during the holidays, chopping, cutting, and burning?

It's this time of the year, we demand more out of your moisturizers.

Here are the new crop of moisturizers who go beyond the call of duty and worth indulging as an investment.

After getting banged up in a hideous car wreck, Andy Hnilo lived to survive to realized the skin is the largest defensive and protective organ literally holding our sack of organs together.

He took the masculine approach.  He went to Home Depot and bought industrialized equipment, then made his apartment into his first skincare lab.

This is where his “Alitura” Skincare was born.  Alitura is Latin for “feeding and nourishing.”  

This scribe was lucky to take his Alitura Moisturizer on Winter Holiday and dabbed it on holiday-inflicted scar "boo-boo."

It does more than soften the skin.  It heals and seals.  It softens, lightens, and evens out a scar, making it heal within the surrounding healthier skin.  To the point, that most folks don't even notice it,  It's not greasy or oily, doesn't block or suffocate the pores.  Which means, it wears well underneath makeup foundation while it heals the boo-boo.  In other words, as it heals, the scar fades away, soft, even, flat, and fades into the healthier surrounding skin, fading away the dark scar pigments.  It either fills and nourished the deep scars or evens out and smooth the raised scars.  You can the effects nightly, if you use it everyday and night.

Bringing together the best of nature and science, Andy's team selected the hive products of organically managed bees from the beautiful islands of Hawaii as they condition and heal the skin better than most botanicals. They have formulated a unique bioactive base that provides a therapeutic effect on your skin cells, healing damaged skin tissue as well as slowing the aging process.
The Alitura Moisturizer uniquely blends organic botanicals like Sea Buckthorn and German Blue Chamomile with organic extracts like Wilelaiki raw honey and bee propolis that awaken your skin cells, refresh your complexion, and promote new cell growth.
Through meticulous research and a passion to develop healthful, high-quality natural skin care products, Alitura Moisturizer is an innovative product that is rich, nourishing, and leaves your skin and your soul glowing bright. 
The price ain't bad either, considering the pump bottle is packed with fittingly, the Christmas Berry Honey, for anti-septic yet moisturizing and healing properties.
Sugar has gotten a bad rap or reputation.  Honey has always been known as a cosmetic that heals and seals, the proto-NuSkin Gel.  Now it's being re-discovered for it's cosmetic skincare benefits.  In fact, honey-skincare for Winter is the hottest trend, that does't clog the pores which means no zits and no zit pits.
Mirai Clinical Skin Balancing Sugar Oil has... 
  • Sugar oil (squalene) is nature’s oil that is closest to our skin’s. As such, sugar oil helps the skin improve its own moisture and oil balance naturally, instead of just adding ingredients on the outside.
  • Sugar oil helps protects your skin from sun damage and dryness as a natural moisture barrier.
  • Their sugar oil is highly pure, having gone thru an extensive purification process in Japan. Due to its highly stable purity, their sugar oil can help protect from sun damage, unlike generic face oils.
For you dry skin traditonalists, yes Mirai Clinical Skin Balancing Sugar Oil is a traditional oil you squirt out of the pump bottle.  However, a pimple has yet to erupt while Mirai Sugar Oil also heals and seals the scar and the boo-boo.

Both Alitura's The Moisturizer and Mirai Clinical Skin Balancing Sugar Oil are both reasonably priced under $100.

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