Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sharing is Caring, The Federal Bar's New Year Eve's Bidding Farewell to 2017 Dinner Feast.

By Laura Medina

After having a year that ripped us apart, the holidays transiting from the old to the new, is going to embrace us together.

Let's start on the New Year's Eve dinner feast at the welcoming The Federal Bar, in both North Hollywood and Long Beach, with heart-warming, comforting, but no less quality comfort food meant for sharing, sharing is caring.

Let's start out with the traditional, salad.  Not just one salad but a duo of salads.

Wedge Caesar of baby romaine, crispy onion strings, pecorino romano, and roasted garlic Caesar dressing.

If fresh is your thing, The Federal Bar got that too, in the Baby Beet Salad, packed with antioxidants.

The salads warms us to the main event, the meaty entrées.  Let's get this party started.  This is when the real feasting begins.

Les Classics dominated the feast.

Herb Roasted Chicken started the feasting....

Collagen-enriching Wild Salmon accompanied the surf n' turf...

Prime Rib classic standard, accompanied by sides of...

classic meat and potatoes of Yukon Gold Potato Puree...

What The Federal Bar excels at,is roasting and barbecuing cauliflower.  This cauliflower based-roasted vegetables of crispy Brussels sprouts and grilled creamed corn, pairs well with the Wild Salmon and the Herb Roasted Chicken.  This even sides well with Prime Rib.  An all-around good side dish.

You can, even, order mac n' cheese, broiled and crunchy on top.

No dinner or meal is complete without dessert, dessert.

The vegan, gluten-free Vegan Brownie Sundae with equally vegan peanut
butter ice cream and caramelized banana slices was so wholesome, that should double as breakfast.

Here's another dessert option to the chocoholic, a vanilla Salted Caramel Pots De Crème
with spicy almond biscotti.
2016 Ios by Georgos Dry Rosé – Unoaked goes well with everything, from Beets & Bibbs salad to Prime Rib, Herb Roasted Chicken Breast to Wild Salmon to chocolate to salted caramel vanilla.  "Frose Rose!"

This scribe has a thing for gastropubs, a friendly, approachable atmosphere matched with equally quality food.  Friendliness and good food aren't mutual exclusively.  Pairing good food with good people is a good formula to making new friends for the new year while reconnecting with the old.

Cheers to 2018!

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