Thursday, August 10, 2017

Color Camp is a Classy, Whimsical Fanasty Land of a Nail Salon-Magical Manicures Only.

By Laura Medina
Real Flower Buds Gel Manicure,

In the shadow of The Grove, outdoor mall, is an hidden gem of an hip and healthy manicure salon, Color Camp, 7607 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

From a mind of a Disney executive and Havard Business School graduate, Color Camp is cute but quality nail salon, with attention to details.  That is the lesson Lauren Caruso learned, working for Disney, conjuring ideas for their theme parks.

They know they're a nail salon for those who want cool but durable manicures, with nail art to be subtly hip.  Yet, Lauren Caruso wants people to know that her gel manicures and nail polishes have vitamins to nourish and nurture the nail bed while decorating it.  Healthy manicure can be durable, getting your money's worth.  Gel manicure aren't always destructive.

Color Camp's online menu doesn't do it justice.

You need to actually drop their 7607 Beverly Blvd. salon to expose yourself to their multitude of creative nail art.  This is where Lauren conjure her manicure magic.

It's The Extras that really converted this all-natural simple scribe.  The #03 pearlized ivory manicure base, decorated with real flower buds, enameled and lacquered inside the manicure really made this scribe a gel convert.

The base is your basic nail polish.  The normal nail polish lasts all of 3 to 5 days, easiest on, easiest off and the cheapest.  But for those fashionistas on the run, you need to move onto the more durable but just as healthy Gel and Super Gel manicures.  Gel manicure lasts 1 to 2 weeks.  This super busy scribe opted for the Super Gel manicure.  It lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

It's that "Disney-ified" attention to details that impressed this scribe.  Plus, they respect their nail manicurists.  They are true artisans.

Here, after painting a basic white Super Gel nail polish base, the nail artisan (Lauren's business partner) patted a thick coating for pearlized dust for an opalesce optical finish.

This is a true beginning of a Color Camp Super Gel Manicure.

Yes, those are real flowers...tiny, real flowers that are used for any level manicure you want.  Color Camp proves that nail art doesn't have to be fake or aggressive or outlandish.  You have the option to be as dainty and sly;..and the real tiny flower buds can make your manicure appear "natural."

Here, the nail artisan applying and gluing the tiny real flower petals and buds onto fresh, wet clear gel polish.

That, my dears, is paying attention to details.  This is witnessing quality in action.

After each and every layer and step, they cure the enamel in a gel curing light to seal and enhance the manicure's durability.  Better to seal in those delicate real flowers.

The true test of anything is standing...or withstanding the test of time.

Two weeks later, after running around, yoga, pilates, SoulCycle spinning, dicing, chopping, typing, editing, shooting photos, filming videos, and scrubbing household chores, this scribe stills inspires awes and wows over Color Camp's tiny flower Super Gel manicure.  Still awe-inspiring folks, after two weeks of work.

A Color Camp is a good nail investment.  Delicate can be tough.  Dainty can be subversive. 

Get your "Flower Punk" on, with real flowers, at Color Camp, 7607 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036, 

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