Thursday, October 2, 2014

Soothing Serums for Post-Summer Damage Relief

By Laura Medina

Spending this past, recent Summer socializing, partying, celebrating, and covering "everything underneath the Sun," from June as "Gin Month," boozing at every bountiful "food & booze" festival, to practically frying at Jay-Z's "Made In America" Music Festival (more like a carnival) until the Longine's Los Angeles Grand Masters Horse Tournament,  this scribe's skin was definitely feeling the sensation of "too much fun in the sun."

Yes, this scribe has earned an envious golden glow but can do without the UV burns, the painful fried epidermis, bubbling blocked oil glands (pimples), and the resulting pock-marks (acne scars).

How to soothe and nourish and repair and prevent damage?  Serums, serums that go beyond the gelatinous drugstore aloe vera.  Serums with advanced degrees.  Serums with benefits.

Four out of the seven profiled serums use Advanced Stem Cell Technology from fruit, vegetable, and plant cells.  No animal was touched or harmed in the process.  All vegan goodness...and relief.  It's home remedy distilled using cutting-edge technology to "squeeze" and extract the maximum fruit/vegetable/plant cells then replicated in the lab so the existing trees wouldn't be mowed down for our skin. 

Two out of the seven profiled serums incorporate Mother Nature's all-natural sunscreen, raspberry.

Right now, let's start on the four serums using Advanced Stem Cell Technology.

At the tail end of Summer and a beginning of an Indian Summer, this scribe was introduced to aloe vera-rich Lumavera.  

The founder, David Vargas, told me the majority of skincare products are 60% water.  His products are 60% aloe vera.  His Anti-Aging Serum reads like a bottle of a cleansing juice:  broccoli, broccoli sprout, tomato, carrot, spinach, kale, brussel sprout, and onion extracts.  If you can't stomach sipping veggie/kale juices that are all the rage now, instead of drinking it...wear it.  This scribe did and it feel so good while the skin drinks it in.

Lumavera Anti-Aging Serum uses PhytoCellTec Argan (plant stem cells) to vitalize dermal stem cells- responsible for collagen & elastin production, accelerates skin’s natural repair process, and fights wrinkles and loss of firmness.

It also incorporates Propanediol (Vitamin C) and Anogeissus Leiocarpus Extract (African Birch Tree) to stimulate collagen synthesis and increase Vitamin C in fibroblasts.

Another serum that uses African Birch Tree Bark (Anogeissus Leiocarpus Extract) is Origins' Plantscription Anti-aging serum with Anogeissus.

One reason skincare researchers are so hot about African Birch Tree Bark is that the people over there have been using it, for ages, to repair cuts, wounds, and skin damage.  It is only now known to tackle furrowing wrinkles from the stress of living in urban jungles, cities and suburban sprawl.

Boy, this scribe sure felt its effects as it brightens and plumps up sun-weary skin while it reduces squinting "lines" and the resulting wrinkles one gets from playing and partying underneath the sun.

Plant Stem Cell Technology is also coming up roses...V Beaute.

V Beaute uses vComplex is a potent Swiss cellular concentrate based on Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology (ARBT), an age-antagonist that helps the skin naturally prevent the cycle of aging.  Tougher than it looks, this rose-based technology tackles aging in its track.

Alpine Rose Technology (Antioxidant) leads the pack, followed by plumping BioCellular Peptide (Correction, Prevention), then followed by tried and true Panthenol Pro Vitamin B (Anti Inflammatory), Sodium Hyaluronate (Hydration), and a surprising rising star, Watermelon Skin Protector(Antioxidant).

Mychelle adding Orange Plant Stem Cells to boost the powerhouse Retinal, makes this a pleasant tolerable version of Retina-A, without the peeling skin side-effects.

Citrustem® Orange Plant Stem Cells – Sourced from renewable plant material, this natural and sustainable ingredient increases cellular communication and skin’s elasticity for a silky and smooth feel.

Ceramide 3 – Identical to the ceramide found in human skin, cushions the skin from the irritations of Retina by increasing long-term hydration by creating a lipid barrier that protects skin from external pollutants.

MyChelle's already gentle Retinaldehyde  is 500 times more effective than cosmeceutical-strength Vitamin A and is created using a patent-pending cryogenic extraction process. Rendering Retinaldehyde less irritating than other forms of Vitamin A and suitable for all skin types, even for those with the most sensitive of skin.

The other break-out star for post-Summer Skincare Damage Repair is Mother Nature's all-natural sunscreen, good ole raspberry.  It may have a weak SPF of 4 but it's better than nothing.

Specifically, two of the seven serums use Raspberry Oil, Juice Beauty Soothing Serum and "The Firm" by Jeffrey James.

Juicy Beauty has been making waves of raves with its soon-to-be cultish CC Cream but its Soothing Serum is like a calming milk that parch skin drinks in immediately, kind of like chugging fat-free milk versus heavier, denser that for Winter.

Also containing calming aloe with raspberry, it further reduces primrose, linseed, and borage, soothes with good ole cucumber, bearberry, chamomile, and calendula, moisturizes with lighter vegetable hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerin; and you can't forget the proven wrinkle-fighter, grape's/wine's resveratrol.

The raspberry in Jeffrey James' "The Firm" serum acts as a shield against UV rays, alongside cranberry, blueberry, and bayberry, acting as skin's "Defense League" fighting free radicals while rejuvenating the skin, resulting in cellular regeneration, and reversing sun & pollutant damage.

The next two serums may be considered "outliers" but one is the hottest item in an hot sun care brand.  The other one is a tried and true Hollywood classic.

It's about time the antioxidant-rich Coola Sunscreen comes out a post-sun repair skincare line that tackles sun damage once the sun sets down.

It's Fresh Relief Face Serum from its new Environmental Repair Plus Line is so hot that stores have a tough time keeping this on the shelf.

Another hot trend in skincare...seaweed, collagen-rich and calming seaweed.

Coola uses Wakame Japanese Seaweed is a skin protectant with a natural UVA shield that combats exhaust, smoke, heavy metals and free radicals, ideal for the urban jungle.

Licorice Root is a protective anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and balances sun-damaged skin.

Radish Root is an antimicrobial skin protectant derived from kimchi that repairs irritated skin.

Since night time is the right time for skin-recovery, Alfalfa Extract is a renewing skin conditioner that promotes collagen production, improves elasticity and fights wrinkles.

Rounding out the list is an Hollywood classic that today's hotties can't live out or the man behind the brand, the man who pioneered holistic but efficient skincare, Ole Henriksen and his classic Truth Serum Collagen Booster.

The Grapefruit and orange extract purifying, astringent, brightening
Green tea extract Protects against damage with antioxidants
Rosehips extract Repairs and strengthens with concentrated vitamin C
Sodium hyaluronate Binds moisture to the skin
Vitamin C Calms, heals and strengthens collagen
Vitamin E Heals, restores and nourishes

This for all the normal kids and adults who suffer from greasy blocked pores and oil glands and bubbling pimples that burst into dark spots and acne scars, on top of the sun burn.  The indignity. 

Again, rose stem cell technology V Beaute comes to your rescue.

Lite Up® - Skin Lightening Serum breaks down melanin from dark spots, sun spots and age spots, using safe botanical ingredients. No Hydroquinone.  Treats hormonal acne and Oil-free, what a god send for Summer and Back-to-School.

The real "outlier" on the list isn't really a serum but a cooling gel that relieves burnt face and body based on another trendy food ingredient, Greek Yogurt.

Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel has been used from head to toe on this scribe's body.

It's literally the cool version to the heavy, overly-scented traditional face and body creams one finds in the drugstore.

For something based on dense and rich Greek Yogurt, Korres'  Greek Yoghurt Cooling Gel doesn't suffocate the pores.  It behaves more like a serum, in that, the skin drinks in quickly while it nourishes the skin with lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins.  It is known for its ability to instantly soothe the skin by delivering increased moisture to the skin’s surface.

Another bathroom stand-by. 


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