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Prepping for Your Own Golden Globe aka Awards Show Party...& a Potential Sneak Peek

By Laura Medina

There's no stopping Hollywood right after the holidays...it is Awards Season right now.

While the rest of the nation or the world hibernate in the snow during the recent holidays or today, nervous nominees and presenters for the quickly arriving Golden Globes, this Sunday, were shaping up on warm, sunny beaches, jogging and melting to get red carpet ready.

As soon they set foot back in LA, producers, musicians, starlets, and studs are gearing up.  Publicists are booking bashes. Stylists are pulling gowns, tuxs, pumps, and baubles of jewelry.  Makeup artists and hair stylists are hauling.  Welcome to Awards Season, with the Golden Globes kicking it off...then the Grammys then they slug it onto the grand-daddy of them all, the Oscars.

If you want to throw your own Golden Globes or Awards Season party, here are some of the equipments, ingredients, tuxs, hair styling products and tools, makeup, and jewelry some of the nominees and presenters might be using...hint, hint of things to come on Sunday.

The pre-Golden Globe bashes and the actual after-parties dotting the Beverly Hilton Hotel are definitely using CelebrityRedCarpets.com.  They have a long tradition and tons of experience setting and managing what the industry call "step & repeat" where the celebrities step back and repeat the same poses for the press.

They have provided banners for red carpet (movie premiers, grand openings, fashion shows, and more) events. Step and Repeat boards are printed in full color/non-glare on a vinyl and mounted on a stand.

Unfortunately, they can only setup and deliver to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Diego County where the majority of these premieres, festivals, and bashes occur numerous times through-out the year.

For more accessible and affordable options, you can never go wrong with the classic, reliable stand-by of Martini & Rossi as the base of all your glamorous Awards Season cocktails.  You'll never know, some of these mixologists at these Golden Globe bashes could be mixing and swirling these cocktails all this week and Sunday night.

MARTINI® Desserts in a Glass     
MARTINI® Cannoli
4 ounces of MARTINI® Asti
½ ounce DISARONNO®
Pinch of cinnamon
Garnish: Mint leaves

In a champagne glass, place all ingredients. Stir once and garnish with Mint leaves.

MARTINI® Chocolate Cupcake 
4 ounces of MARTINI® Prosecco
1 brown sugar cube
Dash of Angostura® bitters
Garnish: Pinch of cocoa powder

In a champagne glass, place all ingredients. Stir once, garnish and serve.

MARTINI® Zeppole Sparkler
4 ounces of MARTINI® Moscato d’Asti
½ ounce of BACARDI® Gold Rum
Dash of lemon juice
Garnish: Cinnamon sugar 

Rim the glass with cinnamon sugar. In a prepared champagne glass, place all ingredients. Stir once, garnish and serve.

MARTINI® Veronica
12 black grapes halved
3 ounces MARTINI® Rosso   
1 ounce simple syrup
1 ounce lemon juice
1 ounce hot water
Several sprigs of rosemary
4 ounces MARTINI® Asti
Macerated grapes
Garnish: Rosemary branch

In a bowl, place rosemary and hot water.  Allow to steep for one minute.  Add to bowl grapes, MARTINI® Rosso, syrup and lemon juice. Stir well to combine and allow to macerate overnight.  When ready to serve, place a heaping tablespoon of mixture with extra of juice into a champagne glass.  Top with MARTINI® Asti

MARTINI® Apple Pie
4 ounces MARTINI® Moscato d’Asti
½ ounces MARTINI® Rosso Vermouth
½ ounce simple syrup
½ ounce lemon juice
1 tsp apple butter
Pinch of pie spice
Garnish: Apple chips
 In a champagne glass mix first five ingredients – stir well.  Top with MARTINI® Moscato d'Asti and garnish with apple chips.

MARTINI® Biscotti
4 ounces of MARTINI® Rose
½ ounce of Galliano® (or other vanilla liqueur)
Garnish: Vanilla bean

In a champagne glass, place all ingredients. Stir once, garnish and serve

MARTINI® Blood Orange Sparkler
4 ounces MARTINI® Prosecco or MARTINI® Asti
½ ounce MARTINI® Rosso Vermouth
½ ounce simple syrup
1 blood orange peeled and diced
1 ounce of blood orange juice

In a champagne glass, mix first four ingredients – stir well.  Top with MARTINI® Prosecco or MARTINI® Asti

The gents have easy yet boring clothing option...tuxedos.  Expect a lot of John Varvatos and Armanis and...

BLACK by Vera Wang.

She incorporates side vents for both the black and gray tuxedo blazers.  The black jacket option features a two-button jacket with a grosgrain notch lapel while the gray option features a two-button jacket with a satin edge notch lapel. Both tuxedo's includes flat-front pants that features a grosgrain stripe detail. The ultralight fabrication allows for a superior drape and luxe feel.

BLACK by Vera Wang is available now at www.menswearhouse.com/verawang.

For both genders, hair grooming is an equal opportunity fretting.

The upcoming brand, BangStyle, http://www.bangstyle.com/u/bangstyle-u-products, may come in edgy, punk packaging but the soft, touchable texture and strong but malleable hold is anything but immature.

The Smoothing Lotion's Olive Oil and Keratin Amino Acids formula can condition wet hair straight out of the shower or soften dry, frazzled strands.  That's even better because once the Smoothing Lotion sets into dry tresses, it is easier to condition and style all at once, safe styling.

The Light Sea Salt Mist's Sea Salt and Kelp light and touchable hair spritz provides extra-support in the form of beach waves without the "helmet" effect.

For the ladies, after setting and styling your tresses, you can avoid the trip and the cost of a blow-out by smoothing out the strands with John Frieda's Volume & Curl Body Boost Hair Setters aka hot rollers but they're a heck a lot easier than twisting your arms and wrists with a blow-dryer and a curl brush.  Leave those to the professionals when you do find and book a blow-out salon.

For that extra kink and wave, here's a twist that you can do with John Frieda's Loose CURLS 1¼-inch barrel curling iron.

Hint, hint, these John Frieda Volume & Curl Boost Hair Setters and Loose CURLS 1¼-inch barrel curling iron could be currently being hauled, right now, by professional hair-stylists making house calls to the nominees or setting up impromptu salons at numerous pop-up beauty and styling lounges and suites mushrooming all over Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

As of now, the weather report says it's going to be sunny on the Sunday afternoon of the Golden Globes...lucky them which means everyone needs sunscreen, which Baz Luhrman advised.

Fragrance-free LAB Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15 is a lightweight sunscreen that can melt into the face without leaving a sticky, pasty residue, making it compatible for the new de rigueur of on-screen, high definition makeup.... 

 PerFekt Beauty Body and Skin Perfection Gel.

If you lust after those sexy, slinky gowns parading the red carpet, you need a safe, healthy, and easy "fake bake" to make those dresses sexy which means a healthy glow, not fried in oil.

This literally applies to the guys' neck and hands too.

PerFekt Body Perfection Gel and Gel/Tan are a great option to the expensive spray tan and neater to the smeary self-tanner and a more comfortable alternative to panty-hose.

This multi-tasking, modern gel-mousse glides on effortlessly to instantly help reduce the appearance of dry skin, uneven skin tone, redness, rough skin, self tanner streaks, varicose veins ...and even stretch marks. Hyaluronic microspheres help to firm, tone and hydrate; shea butter moisturizes and ceramides lock in moisture. Body Perfection Gel provides natural, buildable coverage and leaves the skin with a smooth airbrushed and sunkissed glow.

Obviously, the ladies...and even the gents need subtle lash and brow polish to make those peepers pop in camera and on-screen (hi-def of course).  

PerFekt's Eye Do It All and Brow & Lash Duo Kits make lashes and brows appear natural but amped up.

The Eye Do It All has Brow Perfection Gel (rich in honey suckle flower extract, sage and glycerin) in Nude is clear with no color infused. Ideal for any one, including gents.  

This kit comes complete with Eye Perfection Gel in Bright - a very light shade for fair skin tones or  Refreshed, a light neutral shade for light to medium skin tones. Drenched in alpha lipoic acid, vitamins A & E, peptides and cucumber extract, Eye Perfection Gel is a concealer, primer and eye treatment/cream on one, smoothing away the appearance of puffy, tired eyes, under eye shadows and fine lines while hydrating the skin. Makeup artists for "Ugly Betty" and "Gossip Girl" love this Swiss Army knife of eye makeup.

Especially for the gents who need extra-eye definition, PerFekt's Brow & Lash Duo is a lighter alternative to the heavier mascara and brow pencil.

The Lash Perfection Gel is an one color-fits-all gel that enhances the natural appearances of lashes without the obvious heaviness of mascara.

Brow Perfection Gel is a modern alternative to traditional brow conditioners, sealants and waxes. This multi-tasking formulation glides on effortlessly to condition and tame busy brows and wild hairs.

Nominees, presenters, hosts, and those lucky guests and dates cannot forget their faces.

After letting LAB Series SPF 15 sunscreen soak in, you can pat on PerFekt's Skin Perfection Gel.  It lightens the load off makeup artists' sore shoulders from the burden of packing bulky powders, bottles of foundation, tubes of primer, and figuring odd sorts of color correctors.

Skin Perfection Gel is an all-in-one soft-as-suede mousse-gel you pat on after moisturizer or sunscreen. It improve skin tone, help maintain hydration, and reduce the appearance of redness and discoloration, enlarged pores, fine lines and shine for that airbrushed appearance. Antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid and vitamins A & E, help protect the surface of the skin from free radical damage.

No wonder the cast of "Gossip Girl" loved it and Vanessa Williams fell for it in "Rich" after using it in "Ugly Betty."

Here's a classic on-screen makeup tip gleamed from movie makeup history.

Use the best-matching Skin Perfection Gel all over your face then use the one shade deeper gel to contour your cheekbones for a natural but high-definition sculptured look.

Now for the ladies...PerFekt's Cheek Perfection Gel is a step-above a watery tint or gel and lighter than a cream blush and more natural a powdered blush.

Smile and pat this multitasking formula onto apple of cheeks for a hint of natural color, sculpting and highlighting cheekbones.

Smart Color Technology (tm) assures a perfect color match for any and every skin tone. Niacin (Vitamin B3) helps to increase circulation, and antioxidants caffeine, vitamins A and E protect from free radical damage.

You can use Bronzed to contour the cheeks then highlight them with Peached or bolster them with radiant Blushed.
 This lip stick, lip gloss and lip treatment in one, you can go Twenties Vamp in burgundy Vine or bold Fifties Hollywood red in PerFekt's Lip Perfection Gel drenched in Hyaluronic Microspheres, Peptides,
Jojoba, Antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid, vitamins A and E, Natural spearmint (for red carpet interviews), and adjustable Smart Color Technology.

 If you prefer to smell like a celebrity than look like one, Halle Berry's fougere-based perfume, "Closer by Halle Berry" is headed with notes of violet flowers and mimosa, one of Halle’s favorite flowers.  Save this as a collector's item and heirloom.

 If jewelry is more your key then here's a sneak peek to what the nominees and stars might be wearing this Sunday...Paloma Picasso's new Olive Leaf Jewelry Line for Tiffany's.  As of now, stylists are pulling and who might know what these stars might be wearing...hhhhmmmm?

So, here is your guide to planning and prepping for a Golden Globe party.  Now, you can located the red carpet and the background banner, the cocktails, the tuxs, the necessary skincare prep and makeup; and everyone needs hair grooming and some skin color.

You also got a glimpse at Halle Berry's new endeavor in celebrity fragrances and what jewelry you might be seeing on tv Sunday night.

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