Monday, January 14, 2013

Jeff Daniels, Al Roker, and Anthony Anderson making the Golden Globe Gifting Rounds

By Laura Medina

Doing the gifting and beauty suite and lounge circuit isn't solely for women or actresses.

Guys enjoy them too.

Actor Jeff Daniels made the most rounds from sampling the gourmet chocolate bonbons, the California caviar, and Paul Newman Wines at GBK Gifting Suites to enjoying L'Oreal's newest and latest skincare and hair care at HBO/L'Oreal's Gifting and Beauty Suites.

Also at the HBO/L'Oreal Gifting and Beauty Suites, while covering the preparations for the Golden Globe, Al Roker liked checking out TiVo's booth.

Anthony Anderson was glad GBK had something for the in the electric Jetson bike.

There's more to the gifting and beauty suites than just makeup.

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