Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Official GRAMMY Gifting Lounge

By Laura Medina

Ok Go busting a move at the GRAMMY Gifting Lounge's "Just Dance3" Suite.
Everyone who was lucky enough to join in the GRAMMY festivities are now taking a rest on Valentine's Day.

Truth be told, this is this scribe's Valentine for you, the readers.

Here are the exclusive shots and preview of some really innovative products and merchandise being enjoyed by music's hottest stars.

LL Cool J

Performers use the lounge as a place to take a break from rehearsals and be pampered as vendors demostrate their newest wares to them and the media.

Actors also enjoyed the services at the lounge. Here is Jane Seymour being one of the lucky firsts to experience a Red Carpet Manicure.

She might had enjoyed the GRAMMY only 24-karat gold gel polish.

Don't worry, Red Carpet Manicure will be available to anyone in drugstores. This gel-based manicure is taken out of the salons and into homes pretty soon. It made its official debut at the GRAMMY Gift Lounge.

The biggest hit among rockers and stars was the Pepsi Bar where musicians, like Carolina Liars here, enjoyed sipping custom-mixed Pepsi cocktails mixed with flavored syrups, such as red velvet cupcake, espresso, key lime, and the more tried-and-true cherry vanilla.

The tumbler isn't bad either. Press the button underneath, the bottom lights up and blinks as well.

The GRAMMY Gifting Lounge has always offer the best and most innovative stuff fitting a jet-setting musician or actor.

Celebrities fell in love with Butterfly Twists ballet flats, especially the ones in black leather with studs, such as Pauley Perrette.

Jimmy Jam posing with Field Candy's posh tents.

E Street bandmate and actor, Steven van Zandt does the same with Field Candy.

Esperanza Spalding shopping for a potential wardrobe.

Glen Campbell really enjoying the newest and latest Gibson gear.

MC Lyte pondering what she might be wearing for the GRAMMYs.

It was not entirely musicians and singers having a blast underneath the tent.

Darryl Hannah was curious enough to drop by and see what the lounge has to offer.

Neil Patrick Harris soaking in the fun vibes.

Director and actress, Penny Marshall aka "Laverne," tries on a pair of shades to go incognito.

Chich Corea, jazz legend, makes a rare appearance.

Now, don't get all jealous. The GRAMMY Gifting Lounge is nothing more a launch of some really great products that will be soon available to the general public in a short time.

Read up more on the marvelous discoveries from the gifting suites. You'll never know. These gifts might be yours soon come the holidays.

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